Menu Monday: Chateau Tongariro, New Zealand

In the 70s, my grandparents were premiere tourists. They traveled around the world by container ship. Back in the day, before cruise ships, you could book passage in cabins on ships making their way around the world on business and trade routes. Your visit would be marked by stays in major ports of call.


While traveling, Anne and Norman collected menus of the places they stayed and had a meal. In this series, I'll share some favorites with you from places that are on my own list to visit. 

First up, New Zealand. The land of fiber optics...and sheep. A happy bright orange menu and this little bird is yelling, "good morning" probably because the cost of a continental breakfast at the Chateau Tongariro was only $1.25. For $.75 more you could upgrade to breakfast to order:

  • Hot porridge
  • Two eggs prepared as requested...fried, poached, boiled, or scrambled.
  • Chipolatas and bacon. What are chipolatas?
  • Brown or white toast with marmalade, honey, and jam.
  • Tea, coffee, cocoa, or milk

Events of the day listed inside: "There is an interesting tour of the Tongariro National Park operated by National Park taxis leaving the hotel at 9:30AM. Reservations should be made through the reception desk. Brochures on sightseeing in the Chateau Tokaanu area are available from reception."

Chateau Tongariro is surrounded by hot springs and thermal pools. The history of the area is one of the Maori people. Needless to say, this chateau in New Zealand is on my list of dream places to be a tourist.