Living local wherever you travel
is easier than you think.


Townie Tourist started in 2017 as a way to share the unique people and places of Orlando and Central Florida.

As a travel blog, Townie Tourist works to bring awareness to the rich history and diversity in our Central Florida region. We use that influence to share the benefits of life here, business here, innovation here, and travel here.

There’s no other place where you can raise a family, quickly connect with community, start a business, go international, and live just a couple hours from coastal waters, clear springs, national forests, and award winning beaches. Not to mention the wildlife, greenery, gardens, and farms.

I’m on a mission to share travel stories through a lens of authentic connectivity and realness. Engaging Florida residents, visitors, arts enthusiasts, and culture hunters in all that is happening from the Gulf Coast to the Space Coast and beyond.

Come along and explore the real Florida with me.


Fun Facts!

Spirit Animal: Lemur
Go-to road trip snack: Pizza flavored Combos
Favorite movie: Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell
Celebrity crush: Robert Redford
Guilty pleasure: Outlander
Non-blog hobby: Jewelry-making
Childhood hero: The Black Stallion
Coffee order: Americano with a splash of heavy cream
Toilet roll, over or under: Over!
Best stress reliever: Ten laps on a go-kart track
Perfect weather: Rainy in the mountains or sunny at the beach
Dream vacation: Glamping on a private island with a chef who also reads books aloud in a thick Scottish accent.


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