About Jenny Townie Tourist (1).png

I was born in Orlando…

That’s right, I’m a native Floridian.

I was listening to a popular national podcast back in 2016, when I heard the co-host say, “there’s nothing in Orlando.” From that moment on, I made it my mission to clear up the misunderstanding that there’s “nothing except Disney” in Central Florida. Using Facebook LIVE, I shared Orlando neighborhoods and Main Street districts, Central Florida towns like Sanford, DeLand, and Mount Dora, visited art and history museums, hiked working farms, and interviewed local entrepreneurs and business owners.

I’m excited to continue to share the amazing people and places that have been here all along. The things that new locals, visitors, tourists, and even Florida natives may have otherwise missed.


This is ME!


I am a minimalist who loves simplicity.

Totally think naps at 3pm should be a law.

Follows only 1 famous cat account on Instagram.

Consider myself an outgoing introvert.

Nostalgic for the late 70s and early 80’s.

One regret: never learning how to skateboard.

Obsessed with finding the perfect raspberry lipstick.

Floridian who’s never been to the Florida Keys.

All about that sober life.

Dance breaks equal mood boosters.

Make lists on all kinds of devices, but struggle with organization.

Love making videos that are interesting and make people feel something.

Believer in keeping it real and authentic every single day.

Challenges others to walk their talk to achieve their goals.

Doesn’t believe in luck. Hard work is the key to success.

Saving up for the perfect chair + ottoman combo to work in instead of sitting at a desk.


Inventor of the Messy Top Knot

Winter Park, Florida. 1988.