CBD and Chill in Orlando


You can Google CBD oil and be utterly buried in website after website touting the miracle tincture that’s said to cure pretty much anything. The amount of information out there is staggering and the research is pretty amazing really, assuming you have the time and fortitude to wade through it all. To help weed through a lot of the medical jargon (get it?), we’ve compiled an easy read with the pertinent information and a small list of the places that not only sell the oil itself but also some fun little extras that are hidden around town.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidoil, is an oil extracted from the flowers (or buds) of the hemp plant. It is a compound that has significant benefits for a varied array of ailments and conditions. What’s the difference between CBD and medical marijuana? Both come from a cannabis plant and both have therapeutic effects. However, CBD oil and medical marijuana are definitely different. CBD is considered solely a dietary supplement and much like a typical vitamin you may already take. Your body metabolizes and safely discards any excess CBD oil without any undesirable effects.

It’s also much easier to gauge dosages to make sure you’re getting the full benefits in a safely controlled manner. Also, the more obvious and “family friendly” benefit is that it contains little to no THC so you get all of the benefits without getting high - in fact, CBD can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. The manner in which you can partake in CBD varies greatly. You can vape it, use it topically in lotions and salves or you can consume it in tinctures, capsules or other edible varieties.

One word of warning though, there is little in the way of regulations concerning CBD oil so products can vary widely as far as quality is concerned. That said, definitely do your brand research to make sure you’re getting the best quality for your money.

Anything from arthritis to substance abuse and just about everything in between, CBD is said to help alleviate tension and side effects possibly help cure things up as well. Look, we’re not doctors so I’m not going to rule anything out, especially if it comes from a plant.

Consult with your doctor (or veterinarian) concerning any ailments that you may be dealing with and your interest in adding CBD oil to your medical regimen.

Where to buy it in Orlando?

So where can you find this miracle tincture here in Orlando? Here are just a few places in town and online.

The District Market at Mills 50 - 1221 North Mills Ave., Orlando, FL 32803

This awesome vegan eatery/bodega/co-op market sells a plethora of tasty cruelty-free delectables and other cute handmade items. Amongst the well-stocked shelves you can also purchase CBD oil from KONO Naturals which is a local company who works closely with a CBD farm in Colorado. You can get the oils in a range of dosages and flavors, too!

Dr. Duffy’s Dispensary - DrDuffysDispensary.com

One person that’s highly regarded in the CBD scene in town is Dr. Duffy, who is based in Winter Park and sells to numerous retailers in Central Florida. She also has her own website with a ton of helpful information, including a list of locations that carry her product, an an online store that you can order from directly. She may even make house calls!

The Crashboat Acai Bowl from  Purple Ocean

The Crashboat Acai Bowl from Purple Ocean

Fun CBD additions can be found in quite a few local products around town. At places like Cafe Linger and Gratitude Coffee, both located on Edgewater Drive in College Park, you can get it added to your morning coffee to help mellow you out before a rough workday.

If coffee isn’t your thing, also at The District Market at Mills 50 you can score CBD kombucha or you can get a CBD-infused acai bowl or smoothie at the Purple Ocean truck parked on Orange Avenue in the Lake Ivanhoe neighborhood. Word on the street is that they also sell vegan CBD gummies too!

Did you know CBD can be good for pets too? CBD oil is also great for cats and dogs. It helps with anxiety, allergies, arthritis and a host of other issues that are common in our furry friends.


Rick’s Dog Deli - 2011 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

This local human-grade dog food company, located in Audubon Park, whips up specialty recipes right in house. They offer recipes specific to your dog’s breed or any health-related issues they may be facing, as well as pre-made standard meals and treats that ensure your dogs are meeting all of their necessary dietary requirements while using only quality ingredients. They offer a few different dietary supplements as well, one being CBD oil (again from KONO Naturals), which are available for purchase. Pop in for more information, a consultation or some puppy-approved treats.

Woof! Orlando - 3529 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, FL 32804

Located in College Park, Woof! is a multiple “Best of Orlando” winning boarding facility and groomer. They offer CBD oil for purchase in their boutique as well as a plethora of name brand foods and a vast array of treats. They also have an adorable instagram that you should follow immediately for your daily dosage of cute puppies. You can thank me later.

Where to buy CBD online?

Supergood - it really is that good. They even post their certificate of analysis.
Standard Dose - period patches, tinctures, hemp honey and more.
Foria Wellness - CBD menstrual suppositories.
Plant People - High performance hemp & herbal.

Have you tried it and really like a particular brand or have found that a combo works well? Feel free to leave a comment and share.

Consult with your doctor (or veterinarian) concerning any ailments that you may be dealing with and your interest in adding CBD oil to your medical regimen.

Jessika DeWeese is a contributor to Townie Tourist and an Orlando-based stylist and vintage clothing dealer. She’s a huge animal lover, dog mom x4 and multi-generational native Central Floridian who loves to help show the world that Orlando is more than the Mouse.

Get To Know: Jim Sherraden


I’ve had a crush on Jim Sherraden since first meeting him almost ten years ago. It may have been his easygoing manner or how he could skillfully crank out the storied posters that peppered my walls. It was almost definitely the soft brown leather cowboy boots he was wearing. I remember staring at them while he scribbled his name along with stars and hearts and fireworks into the book I bought.

I remembered that he was in Nashville while I planned my trip last month and I also knew he was making new art. Something I had to see. Because it’s something like I’ve never seen before. So I emailed him, and folks, dang it all if the man didn’t email me back. Within a few weeks, I found myself in the passenger’s seat of his truck headed to Watertown, Tennessee where he has his studio. In truth, where every artist I know should have a studio. It’s a small town that’s about to become something extraordinary, so you heard it here first…well, second, since Jim’s become sort of an ambassador of the place.

His new art is really special. He prints his own designs from hand-carved blocks, then water colors the paper and cuts it into traditional or non-traditional patterns. Marked out and placed together the patterns become paper quilts. Quilts that are so perfectly imperfect it’s hard to capture them in photos.

I hope Jim won’t mind my pasting this here without editing it because I love the way he sends emails. It’s endearing and delightful to get messages from him and his easy manner comes through each line. Here’s your chance to get to know Jim Sherraden, working artist, master printer, paper quilter, and man about [Water]town.

motto: preservation through production... I coined that for hatch but it works also for me personally

childhood...the scissors in the telephone drawer

recent acq...a table top fluorescent light from the 70's...so i can see the detail when watercoloring

current obs...well, sheepishly, it's actually LOOKING, and paying attention at all those Instagram posts from people i'm following. i'm new to this instybizness. i'm sure soon i'll just say 'ta hell with it'...

favorite hobby....see above

always on me...a vintage watch, most of the time from Hamilton watch co, Lancaster, pa

fav rest....well Katie's pizza place round the corner of course

fav museum...two of them, the keramic museum and the fries museum, both in Leeuwarden, friesland

best gift ever received....another way of asking this would be "best gift ever accepted"... and my answer would be, "my health".

most inspiring...cannery row by john Steinbeck. or susan diedre's biography of Samuel beckett

top of the to do...always attempt to be of service

most love about watertown...proximity of all essentials. everything is a slipper job, so close I can just wear house slippers to get there..

best thing about what....making the art makes me focus

favorite drink and what's in the fridge are the same answer...fruit flavored G2 gatorade

on nightstand...1.50 strength reading glasses

a film...."the heart is a lonely hunter"....the high school English teacher showed it during class, in high school...start with the lyrical nature of the title...

a film that you think defines amer. culture...Robocop the original. only the original.

Want to get in touch with Jim? You can find his website here. He is actually new to Instagram, but follow him for an inside look.

Watertown, Tennessee is pretty cool. If I had a little extra cash, that corner building on Main Street would be where Townie Tourist would have a Tennessee office.

Jenny De Witt is the Townie Tourist, serving up the diverse art, culture, and craft of Orlando and Central Florida. Life here is so much more than the Mouse. Tune in to watch LIVE on Facebook, Saturday mornings at 10 AM EST.

Interested in collaboration? Have an event you want us to cover? Get in touch.

Audubon Park Retro Modern Home Tour 2019


The Audubon Park Garden District, a Great American Main Street Award winning neighborhood in Orlando, Florida, hosted its Retro Modern Home Tour on Saturday, April 6, 2019 and Lauren Haar Waters was there to capture some of the stunning interiors. Here are just a sample of the beautiful examples of mid-century modern architecture, as well as stunning modern designs that were found on the tour.

Get To Know: SUN SIGNS' Jeff Williams


I headed over to St. Pete for St. Printersburg and the very first face I saw was that of Jeff Williams. His little sign painting info table was the cutest ever and he was so happy about being there and sharing his sign painting know how. I could not resist. I had to ask him…to be on the blog. Y’all this dude knows how to make magic with his brushes. Click on over to Sun Signs and see more of his stuff and get connected, but first…get to know Jeff Williams of Sun Signs St. Pete. 👇👇👇👇


Childhood memento?

My favorite childhood memento of mine is an old wooden school bus toy that was hand painted by an artist named Hugo Poccaro. It had a handle like a scooter that extended at the top so I could scoot around my parents vintage clothing, furniture and jewelry store as a kid. I've since out grown it but it still sits in my house and brings back a ton of childhood memories.

Recent acquisition for your home?

I recently purchased a new record player as my previous one was in rough shape. I have quite a few older records but I recently acquired a self titled record by a band called "The Nude Party" that has been playing on repeat ever since.

Current obsession?

My current obsession is a bit nerdy. It's a series of YouTube videos you can find by searching "window painting" by a painter in the Pacific Northwest named Scot Campbell. He particularly paints what are called "Window Splash" signs that are temporary and generally used for holiday sales. The guy is pretty goofy but extremely personable not to mention a total wizard with a brush. 

Favorite hobby?

I really enjoy playing the guitar and learning oldies and doo wop tunes. I recently got ahold of a 4 track cassette recorder which is eating up more of my time than it should but it's a good contrast to work.

Always on you - watch, memento, etc?

I purchased a Mexican silver ring with a big chunk of turquoise set in it that is always on me. Partially due to the fact that the silver band has bent making it a semi permanent fixture hah. I've worn it for about 8 years now and don't for-see it coming off any time soon.

Favorite spot in your home?

I have a "Florida room" in my house surrounded by jalousie windows which give it really nice natural lighting. This room is also where I keep a ton of old books, records and knick knacks.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Not sure that this spot counts as a restaurant but its one of my new found favorites. It's a food truck parked beside a tire shop serving cuban sandwiches, empanadas, and my personal favorite breakfast sandwiches, burritos and croissants. It's called Caramba and located on 16th st and 5th ave N in St. Pete.

Favorite neighborhood shop?

As for local shops go, I may be biased but my girlfriend owns and operates a shop called Bodhi Basics which is really neat. They specialize in holistic skin care and have a full apothecary with herbs and essential oils. They also have a handful of local vendors goods in store from plants and ceramics to jewelry and hold workshops in the back. If you check it out you'll likely meet the shop pups, Bodhi (the head honcho) and little Loretta.

Favorite way to focus on health or wellness? 

My go to wellness practice is usually going to our local Community acupuncture center. My older sister got me hooked on acupuncture a year or two ago and I try to go as often as I can. It's really nice to break the everyday high paced cycle and sit back and unwind.

Favorite place visited in the last year?

I've been visiting Nashville here and there since my sister relocated there and really dig it there however I think my favorite recent trip would have to be Asheville, NC. The hiking near the Blue Ridge PKWY is incredible and would highly recommend taking a trip to see it it.

Best gift recently received?

My girlfriend, Kim, recently gave me a very special incense that she blended and rolled by hand that has various herbs and resins in it including a fairly notable herb thats recently been accepted for Medicinal use here in FL. It smells amazing and every time I burn it I really try to savor it as it was hand rolled in a small batch.

Best gift recently given?

I recently gave Kim a gilded reverse glass piece based off of a print on one of her favorite vintage wrap skirts. It's a floral print with stems gilded in 23k gold leaf that turned out looking pretty rad and has a special sentiment. 

Most inspiring book you’ve read?

One of my favorite reads is a book by philosopher Alan Watts called "Does It Matter". It's a series of essays pertaining to man's relation to materiality. He poses the question of how you measure your wealth such as would you prefer to eat a meal or the menu. Another is wealth vs. money. Several of his books have been impactful for me in developing my own self worth despite how our western society classifies us.

The thing you most love about your city?

The thing I love most about St. Pete is that so many of my peers are able to make a living and support themselves independently while doing something they enjoy. There seems to be a great appreciation for independent artists, movers and makers around here and it's been super inspiring to see my friends and family find their niche and build their businesses on their terms. Other than that, there's a very dreamy tropical feel and of course a ton of sunshine in the "Sunshine City".

Best thing about what you do?

The most rewarding thing about what I'm able to do in my pursuit of hand painted signs and lettering is that I'm able to work directly with small businesses and showcase the ones I support. In creating beautiful signage I hope to not only build a portfolio for myself but to positively impact the business I work with. A business with a good sign is a sign of good business. A business with no sign is a sign of no business.

At the top of your to-do list?

The top of my to do list is to build an over sized easel to accommodate larger jobs. Other than to keep busy and find a way to incorporate more travel into my work routine. 

Other work projects?

I have my largest job to date coming up which is exciting. Working on large scale sized work is a service I'd like to provide to more clients though I prefer to work on smaller jobs that require more attention to detail.

On your bedside table?

I usually keep a small altar near my bed with trinkets I've picked up traveling and locally. It's something an old friend always did whether he was home or on the road and since his passing, I try to keep the tradition going.

A film that holds a special place in your heart?

There's a film called "Sign Painters" that I could and have watched countless times but I'm mostly interested in documentaries on various topics. One that holds a particularly special place in my heart is called "Heartworn Highways" from the 70's which followed around a handful of musicians. Of the artists featured, the late great Townes Van Zandt's vignette is my personal favorite.

Sun Signs is having a cool workshop:
CLICK 👉 Print St. Pete presents Casual Lettering II 👈 CLICK


Top 10 Places for Houseplants in Orlando


I kill houseplants. Ferns, aloe, ficus, cactus, succulent have all sacrificed themselves and gone to their deaths to avoid my plant-motherhood. I actually gave up on an orchid one time and flung it into someone’s side yard, only to have it be gorgeous and blooming just a few months later. My friend LeAnn Siefferman, professional ceramist and successful gardener, told me she’d teach me but I’m stalling. I’ve tried. I really have.

Hi, I’m Jenny, and I kill houseplants.

I’ve noticed that in the past year or so that something has happened to Orlando and the rest of America that has me wanting to try plant fostering again. My friends have all become plant parents; embracing the tiniest of cacti to the largest of fiddle leaf figs or tastiest fiddle fern. (Those are edible, btw.) They have dedicated themselves to keeping these small green beings alive. Beings? The blog, Plants are the Strangest People, seems to think so and gives names like Tyler and Jayvvon to Anthuriums. I know you came her for a list, so let me get on with it.

My picks for the best places to find houseplants and ceramics in Orlando:

  1. Porch Therapy is one of the best resources for not just houseplants or succulents or gardening, but landscaping too. If you’re thinking backyard oasis, get with these people. You can also pick up home goods and containers and gardening accessories here. Located at East End Market and The Heavy.

  2. Land of Alice Studio is available to ship you plants. That’s right, you can order plants by mail if you’re not able to get out to the shops. How convenient is that? Since very few people are doing it, she’s ahead of the trend. Go ahead, you know you want to.

  3. Palmer’s Garden & Goods is a beloved Orlando plant palace. Super duper cool and you can have events here too. Drive by at night to see market lights and dreamy garden parties happening within its fence. I did buy a lime tree here once that I planted in my friend’s yard over top of my dead cat. I have ignored that lime tree for two years now, letting my friend be the one to worry over it and water it and hope that fur or bone don’t resurface. I’m a good friend. Ha ha ha! (Sorry, Laura.)

  4. Palmer’s Feed Store where you can buy flats of peeps (baby chicks), a telephone pole, or vegetable plants and seeds. I’m just going to wait here while you click through to look at the picture menu. Scroll to ‘Pest Control’…impactful, right? I want that kind of pest control. They can tell you what’s safest to use around pets and best for your houseplants and gardens. It’s Florida, y’all, nature is b-r-u-t-a-l here.

  5. The Nook on Robinson is kind of a wild card entry but they have plants and amazing concrete containers provided by Till Plant Co. Go there and grab a kombucha and a new lil green friend if you’re far from the trailer location of Till.

  6. Florida Cactus Inc. is up in Apopka which is a teeny bit of a drive from Orlando. Maybe 40 minutes-ish. But SO worth the drive. Their greenhouses have zero competition around here. The colors and selection will blow your mind. So if it’s a cactus you want, it’s a cactus you’ll get.

  7. Craft & Common is where to stop in for delicious treats, killer coffee drinks and to find plants and sundries. It’s also where you can sit and sip for hours with friends under a neon sign in queen size wicker chairs. #Heavenly

  8. Hello Happy Plants is online and I want to think that she’s here in Orlando, so I just will. Best planters with messages that stick. Put on sunglasses and head to this website, unless you’re colorblind, and then just go ahead and click through.

  9. Orlando Pottery Studio is last but not least. The fact that you can actually learn to make and fire your own ceramics here in Orlando and that the place has been around for ages. After advancing to doing your own home ceramic work, check out Orlando artist Richard Munster’s kiln.

  10. The Sill is not in Orlando per se. It’s plants by mail. Gorgeously done with lots of resources. It’s the anti-Amazon of plant shopping online. They trademarked Plant Parenthood, I mean, can I even type that without paying them? Follow them on Insta with #PlantsMakePeopleHappy, also registered.

Instagram can’t be the only reason why people are suddenly becoming plant people. Plants are actually really cool. It’s what you can learn to take care of successfully before navigating a new relationship or getting a pet, or have a baby. Maybe it’s that they provide oxygen, and wellness is big business right now. So are plants though.

Since 2016, plant sales have actually increased 50% to 1.7 billion dollars according to the National Gardening Association. Fun fact, most of the growers are here in Florida but few of them sell online. Plant and garden stores themselves don’t have online shops available since they’re afraid of plants not arriving the way they were expected to. (If you’re looking to start a new business, this one is ripe for picking. Get it? So bad.) The article cited only underlines the fact that we can grow year round here. Our greenhouses are packed and lovely while the rest of the country suffers through something called seasons. The idea of gardening and growing your own food is just one leap further. Not such a big a leap from contributing your front yard to Fleet Farming to buying a little piece of land.

Lake County is just next door and has a few farms available. You could be like the Pasture Brothers and start raising your own chickens. Did you hear that Ikea is teaming up with designer Tom Dixon to come out with a new gardening tool line? The hope is that it will inspire urbanites to grow more food at home and in their communities. My dream has always been to be a goat farmer, but before jumping onto that path maybe I should start with something smaller. I could start with a succulent for my windowsill. I could…if I didn’t kill houseplants.


Get To Know: Brittany Hennessy


They call her the Influencer Whisperer and she wrote my favorite book of 2018. She’s been in the biz for a minute and knows the ins and outs of getting your personal brand to grow in today’s new media landscape. (Hint: it’s more than what you think of as marketing.) Brittany Hennessy is co-founder and Chief Relationship Officer at CARBON and is the former Senior Director, Influencer Strategy & Talent Partnerships at Hearst Magazines Digital Media and the first person to hold that title. 👏 

When I reached out to see if she’d do a Q&A with me and she said YES, I screamed. See, she’s coming to Orlando in May to share what she knows with us at Library After Hours downtown. If you’re into making a name for yourself and want to get a jump ahead, get tickets now. Early bird rates end on April 19th.

Get to know Brittany Hennessy (Wife, Mother, Author, Business Owner)

Childhood memento? - I had a Skip-It that I absolutely loved. I still know all the words to the theme song.

Recent acquisition for your home? - A marble coffee table. It really brings my living room together and serves as a great place to take an Instagram photo.

Current obsession? - Billions. And waiting for Game Of Thrones to return like everyone else.

Favorite hobby? - Sleeping and getting my nails done. Also I love a good massage, but I haven't had one in years.

Always on you - watch, memento, etc? -  I wear the same things every day. Rose Gold earrings, watch and bracelet and my white gold engagement ring and wedding band.

Favorite spot in your home? - The shower. It's usually the only place I can be alone. But even there, my toddler finds me.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant? - Red Hat in Irvington. They have the best brunch and it's right on the river.

Favorite neighborhood shop? - I'm a big mall kind of girl but I spend most of my day at the local grocery store two doors down.

Favorite way to focus on health or wellness? - I try to go to the gym every day. If I don't it ruins my whole mood. I also used to spin a lot and I'd really like to get back into it.

Favorite place visited in the last year? - After years of not loving it, I finally found my groove with Philadelphia! We do all of the kid attractions now so I think that made a big difference.

Best gift recently given? - It's not recent, but I gave my husband a son. He can never repay me!

Best gift recently received? - My previously mentioned rose gold bracelet from Skultuna. It was a Valentine's day gift from the hubby and he has a matching one in gold.

Most inspiring book you’ve read? - The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman and Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu. Absolute must-reads for women and mothers.

The thing you most love about your city? - The people. The food. The history. I mean, I'm from NYC!

Best thing about what you do? - I help women be the best version of themselves and make money. That's the dream.

At the top of your to-do list? Launch my first monthly live coaching session. 

Other work projects? - Get Carbon off the ground. It's a full-service influencer marketing agency my husband founded and I joined once I left Hearst.

On your bedside table? - Becoming by Michelle Obama.

A film that holds a special place in your heart? - Clueless. That's my coming of age movie. I can quote the entire film from start to finish.

Hope to see the Orlandoans reading this at the event. (I promise not to scream.) As a fun aside, it’s #NationalLibraryWeek, so the absolute PERFECT time to grab a ticket to this library event.


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