I'm a Barbizon Modeling School Graduate

It's true. I graduated from Barbizon Modeling School. When I was fifteen I decided I wanted to be a model like the girls I saw in Seventeen Magazine. Mom signed me up for classes at the Barbizon in Maitland. I went every Saturday morning for months to practice walking in three inch high white pumps down a hallway, down stairs, up stairs. I learned poise and posture; how to sit properly, stand properly, how to turn my head and which side is my good side (my right side). I learned basic etiquette; how to set a table and be entertaining and witty at social functions. I learned how to put on makeup, how to take off makeup, how to meet new people. I learned how to interview. 

I learned that I didn't want to be a model. (After being told I'd have to eat cottage cheese and tomatoes for the rest of my life). I learned self-confidence. I didn't feel it, but I learned how to fake it really well. I still can. Look, no one has it figured out. No one has all the answers. Even now, I don't. But that saying, "fake it 'til you make it" really works. You start to actually believe in yourself after pretending to believe in yourself. Also you become old enough to not care what other people think and that helps a lot too.

Fun fact: Condoleeza Rice is a graduate too. And so was Ronald Reagan. Weird.

I looked it up and it's still in the same building. You guys, that's nuts. The photo below is me at graduation in 1986 at the Bob Carr Auditorium. The guy next to me was one of the teachers. I think he taught blowdrying. We have perfect hair. Can we just take a minute to check out the fact that my dress is silver lamé and half of it is literally a bow.

Man, I loved the 80s.

1986 - Barbizon Graduation

1986 - Barbizon Graduation