Add Muscle Car City To Your Vacation Plans

Muscle Car City Punta Gorda Florida.jpeg

I headed down to Naples from Sarasota on I-75 and decided to make my way back up via US-41. Now 41 is one of the most historic highway and in fact, you can follow it for miles since it was one of America’s first highways. It’s opened on Veteran’s Day in 1926 and runs from Miami to Michigan. So following it from Naples to Sarasota means a drive through a few unique tourist stops.

Muscle Car City (10175 Tamiami Trail, Punta Gorda, FL 33950) in Punta Gorda, Florida has to be one of the most surprising finds I’ve stumbled upon. This is one of the country’s largest GM Muscle Car displays and has over a hundred and fifty different HotRods, antique Chevy’s, Camaro’s, Impalas, Chevelle’s, El Camino’s and more. You’ll find a Corvette of each year from 1954 – 1975 and several of each series from 1975 – 2016.

Maybe you want to take one home with you? There’s a car corral where you can drive away in your own muscle car…for a price. Take a look at what a visit might be like:

Vintage cars at Muscle Car City.jpeg
Line up of antique cars at Muscle Car City.jpeg
Room full of GM cars at Muscle Car City.jpeg
Corvettes from every era at Muscle Car City.jpeg
Blue Stingray Corvette at Muscle Car City.jpeg
Vintage Car Museum.jpeg
Antique Car Museum Punta Gorda Florida.jpeg
antique car fins at vintage car museum.jpeg
Red Leather Car vintage car interior.jpeg
1940 vintage truck at Muscle Car City.jpeg

Feeling like you need to take a break for lunch or want a unique breakfast meetup or dinner destination? Sting Rays Bar & Grill is available on property. Are you a fan of tiny ice and cold Coca-Cola like I am? This place has it.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM to 5PM, and the restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday, 8AM to 5PM.

Check the event calendar for monthly car show dates or monthly flea market.