Daytona Beach Turkey Rod Run: Daytona Beach, Florida

I'm going to tell you a secret. I learned how to drive in a Model A Ford. Back in 1986, my dad was slowly restoring a couple cars and the Model A was a chassis and engine. I sat on a couple of tires to work the clutch and steer. Across the street from my childhood home at 117 Hattaway Drive, was an unused golf-course and orange groves that stretched all the way down to Lake Orienta. I drove it everyday until I finally could clutch my way up the hill from Hattaway Drive to 436. It's steep, and if you have a manual car, mastering that hill is key to being a good driver. 

So began my fascination with cars. I love them, I do. It's an expensive hobby and one well outside my means. So, I headed off to Daytona to check out the Daytona Beach Spring Turkey Rod Run. Lots of cars, lots of collectors. Click on the video below to watch the show. 

The Daytona Beach Turkey Rod Run is in spring and fall. This year it's November 22-25 at Daytona International Speedway. Click here for ticket and vendor info.