Audubon Park with DJ Nigel

We're starting a throwback series to the tours we took last year. One of my faves was this one from Audubon Park. Nothing like a warm winter day in Orlando and this Townie Tour really was unique. We started at Stardust Coffee with Brendan and Jessica Frick then headed over to East End Market and hit up Park Avenue CDs and Bluebird Bake Shop with DJ Nigel John. 

Did you know DJ Nigel has a new podcast over on Studio17? If you have ever wondered about his amazing skills check out Black Suede Radio with DJ Nigel John. IMO he's probably the best DJ in Orlando.  

Nigel's advice for becoming a DJ?

"Love music. Listen to music. Play stuff that you think is good."

He's been working on some other things too so be sure to click here and here for his other projects.

Watch the tour and walk through Audubon Park with us. Notice what's changed and what's remained the same. Comment below with where you'd like to see me go in Audubon Park this year.