Best Fake Meat: Eastside Asian Market

Veggie Ramen at Eastside Asian market.jpg

If you’re looking for it, then you have found it. The best fake meat in Orlando. Go to Eastside Asian Market. It’s kind of a haul unless you go to the original UCF campus a lot. Worth it though. I know, I know Dong A Market is pretty great and Little Vietnam in Mills 50 is nothing to sniff at, but if you’re looking for the kind of place that makes you miss your home (real or imaginary) in Asia, you’ll want to take a drive.

The Royal Milk Tea alone is worth it. ORDER THE RAMEN. Go hungry. Order the gyoza dumplings too. It’s all vegetarian and made just for you right there. Shop around. Grab a drink out of the cooler. Maybe fun candies or frozen mochi for dessert. Stay awhile and people-watch. Trust me, just go.