Exploring Orlando: Curry Ford West

Pizza Bruno’s Watermelon Spritzer Zero-proof cocktail at Saturday brunch

Pizza Bruno’s Watermelon Spritzer Zero-proof cocktail at Saturday brunch

We headed out and about to the newest Orlando Main Street neighborhood, Curry Ford West to explore a bit more of this unique future-thinking area of town. We parked at Pizza Bruno knowing that we’d be back in an hour or so to check out their special brunch menu, and headed out with Ben Kuykendall, Lauren Waters, and Danielle Kraus to see the sights and meet some business owners in the CFW.

We decided to do this live video using Ben’s car since the stretch of Curry Ford is a bit lengthy and it was already in the upper 80s by 10 a.m. Yes, that’s right, summer is almost here, y’all. It’s also crazy lovebug season so look for those little guys flying around in front of the camera. You can scroll to the bottom to check out the video in its entirety.

First stop was the iconic shark head. You can’t come to this area without a photo op at the shark. From what Ben shared, it’s the brother shark head to the Jaws ride at Universal Studios. It’s chained up and sadly people seem to have used it as a trash can. Maybe we can get a Restore the Shark Head campaign going soon? I love Jaws’ brother.

Second was a visit to Zaza New Cuban Diner. The place was packed on a Saturday morning, so I’d suggest getting there early. I threw the menu up on the video to give you an idea of what they serve and it’s seriously good. I know people who drive miles off their morning commute to get breakfast here. Do not leave without getting some coffee. It’s some of the best Cuban food and bev around this neighborhood.

Then we visited with Bart at Swiss House. He’s a true watchmaker. We learned that this watch repair and music box tuner has been in Orlando for forty years and now has some of the oldest and rarest watches around. Looking for that unique Keith Haring Swatch watch? Or Pre-Revolutionary pocket watch? Yep. You’ll find it here.


Clemons Produce is just up the street on Curry Ford and has an Amish deli. If you’re craving some Trail Bologna or Lebanon Bologna or Baby Swiss Cheese, then this is your one stop shop for everything. Fresh from Florida produce from farms that are within driving distance. Green beans from Groveland? Check. With this kind of market right here on the strip, why is there a need for Publix or Winn Dixie? Clemons has it all.


We headed further into town and stopped by Peaceful Peacock to take a peek at the yoga studio but just missed Katie. So we kept moving and ended up running into developer Giovanni Fernandez at Hourglass Social House who gave us a little hint as to what the place across the street is NOT going to be. (No petting zoo, folks. I asked.) Hourglass Social House has Leguminati, Foxtail Coffee, Tamale & Co, and new local fave Le Ky Patisserie. That yellow ding-dong looking thing in the pastry case? You’ll want to order that. It’s banana and peanut butter and everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


We saw a couple of amazing murals over on Vine Street just off Bumby that have been created by architect/developer Ryan Young. Definitely bike around the corner to check them out. And don’t miss out on grabbing a couple tacos at Cilantro’s Taqueria. We didn’t make it in and are fully regretting it.

Further back down Curry Ford Road we took a peek at Rogue Pub and Ocean Sun Brewing which are worth mentioning for being places to hang, but really not where you’ll find me. I wish more breweries in town would get into the shrubs, kombucha, or bitters game for us sober and sober-curious residents. Anyhow…

Final stop was Pizza Bruno who honestly WON. THE. DAY. with their brunch menu. We started things off with an amazing watermelon spritzer that was probably the best zero-proof cocktail I’ve had in a long time. Hoping for that again soon! We also had the meatballs with polenta and the Dutch Baby which is a wood-fired pancake with Amish butter, sea salt and maple syrup, topped with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Such a great visit to this new district. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Curry Ford West!

Dutch Baby: Wood-fired pancake with amish butter, sea salt, maple syrup, and fresh Berries from Pizza Bruno’s Brunch Menu

Dutch Baby: Wood-fired pancake with amish butter, sea salt, maple syrup, and fresh Berries from Pizza Bruno’s Brunch Menu

Watch the live video tour here 👇👇👇

Photos by Danielle Kraus