Exploring Paris: Butte aux Cailles

This neighborhood, the 13th arrondissement, is the new hip place to be, stay, and visit. Wander around this small part of Paris and you’ll see cobblestone streets, Art Deco architecture, murals and street art and be able to dine on local fare and unique cuisine well within your budget. Here are some of my favorites for you to add to your list from this micro-neighborhood.

Butte aux Caille pink house .jpg

First, Chez Gladines - Basque cuisine with lines around the block from the moment it opens. Escargot roquefort that will make you move to the neighborhood and camp out at a back table forever.
30 Rue des cinq Diamants, 75013 Paris, France

Chez Gladines escargot.jpg

Chez Nathalie - This powerhouse woman makes some of the most beautiful food I’ve ever put in my mouth. This is her version of apple tart or tarte Tatin (pronounced tart tatan).
45 Rue Vandrezanne, 75013 Paris, France

Chez Nathalie restaurant in Butte aux Cailles.jpg
Tarte Tatin Chez Nathalie Butte Aux Cailles.jpg

The Market near Corvisart Station shouldn’t be missed. Look at these cheeses!

Cheese at the Butte-aux-Cailles market.jpg

If you can swing it, get a view from above because Parisian rooftops are everything. Even on a cloudy day.

Rooftops Butte aux Cailles.jpg
Rooftops in Paris Townie Tourist.jpg
Rooftops of Butte aux Cailles.jpg

Back down on the ground be sure to look around because art is everywhere. The neighborhood treasure is artist Mireille Bailly-Coulange who creates exquisite sculptures out of Plexiglas. Just look at the doors to her studio!

Atelier Bailly-Coulange Butte aux Cailles.jpg
Butte aux Caille architecture in Paris.jpg
Art Deco Nouveau Butte Aux Cailles.jpg

Look for street art and murals in some of the least expected places. Sometimes they blend right in.

Window Cat in Paris.jpg
Crane mural in Butte aux Cailles.jpg
Dinosaur mural in Butte aux Cailles.jpg
Butte aux Cailles street art.jpg
Street Art Butte aux Cailles black and white.jpg
Butte aux Cailles street art scene.jpg

Be sure to fill your water bottle with spring water from the town spring. It’s gorgeous and delicious mineral spring water. You can see people lined up filling jugs and buckets and bottles most of the day.

Public Water Fountain Butte Aux Cailles.jpg

Never EVER forget to eat breakfast. This petit déjeuner is the best way to start the day.

Petit Dejeuner in Butte aux Cailles.jpg

Don’t forget to take a dip in the ‘Piscine de la Butte aux Cailles,’ located at 5 Place Paul Verlaine. It opened to the public in 1924 and is decorated in the art deco nouveau. You have to take a dip in one of only two pools in the entire city listed as historic monuments. It’s filled with naturally heated spring water and today you can swim in the vintage pool for a fee of as little as €3.

Butte aux Caille Piscine.jpg
Butte aux Cailles Pool.jpg
Piscine Butte aux Cailles.jpg

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Watch the LIVE video of a walk through the Butte aux Cailles in Paris. Click below to watch on YouTube. It’s a bit shaky since I was walking and talking. Enjoy!

I’ll leave you with the most perfect baguettes in the world. Right here. From the l’Atelier du Pain. drool

Bio Organique Baguette France.jpg
Boulangerie Paris France Butte aux Cailles.jpg