Where to Find the Best Fries in East Orlando


Anyone who knows me knows I consider fries a food group. I can pretty much guarantee if you ever see me at a party or club and I'm staring off longingly, I'm not thinking about the moment I can take my heels off or whatever cute guy is in the vicinity – I'm dreaming of the moment I can taste some fried potato goodness. 

Recently, I tried out Omelette Bar, located in Knights Plaza near UCF, after seeing my friends post so many pictures of good looking food there and hearing them say over and over how good the fries are. They did not disappoint.

Small crispy fries, but not so small, like Steak 'n Shake that they lack a distinct flavor. The healthy dose of seasoning, which tastes like a cross between adobe and Old Bay, probably is a big help with that too. If you don't like a lot of salt I'd suggest asking for light seasoning. Overall they were delicious and crispy, and the cute little fry basket it was served in was a nice touch too.

Omelette Bar, by the way, is a breakfast/brunch/lunch spot open seven days a week from 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. In case you were wondering, I also ordered the lobster eggs benedict, which was insane, left me so sleepy and completely deterred me from the gym that afternoon. 

There are so many options from waffles to salads, so I cannot wait to come back and try all the other deliciousness Omelette Bar has to offer, but I will definitely order a side of fries every time.

Some other fries I've recently tried on the east side of Orlando that did not disappoint are:

1. Toasted - A grilled cheese spot that offers natural cut, small fries that come in a giant serving. This is an easy group pleaser. If you're looking for a fancier side of pomme frites there's also a truffle oil and rosemary version. 

2. East Coast Grill - An all-American spot that serves up battered ale fries, leaving you with this extra crunchy exterior. You can also order a side of beer-cheese to take your indulgence over the top. 

3. Junior Colombian Burger - The texture reminds me of Burger King fries, but the seasoning is much better, which I believe is adobe seasoning instead of just salt. The chipotle, zulu and garlic sauces are good for dipping, but you MUST get the pineapple sauce for a perfect salty-sweet pairing. 

4. Wing Stop - Yes this is a major chain, but each Wing Stop location cuts their own fries and tosses them in a one-of-a-kind addictive seasoning. I tried them out a few months ago and I have yet to find another fry quite like them. I'm not sure what the topping is exactly, but sugar is main substance. Perfect for countering lemon pepper wings. 

If you know of a place in the Orlando area with great fries, please comment below. I'd love to explore more local places that have perfected one of my favorite foods. In the future I'd love to bring you a comprehensive guide to Orlando fries. From waffle to steak and from zesty to shoestring, I will not rest until I've found every delicious variety in Central Florida.