Firing a Kiln with Richard Munster


Richard Munster seems to be moving a mile a minute. He darts quickly from a table lined with ceramics to a chair and back to a cart piled with clay. There are a couple rescue dogs and more native Florida plants I can count. His wife, Cortnee is brewing up some coffee and the kids, now home from school, wander out to say hello. The weather is a perfect 73 degrees. And he’s preparing to light a two thousand degree fire.

Wood-fired kilns are hard to find around here. With over two hundred pieces from other makers, creatives, and friends loaded into this one firing, it’s easy to see there’s a need.

I caught him, along with friends, loading up the kiln for a firing. Check out the video below to learn more about the process of making your own clay, building a kiln, and developing a community around craft.

To learn more about Richard Munster and see his sculpture work click here.