Gary Rack's Farmhouse: Del Ray Beach, Florida


I may be back in Orlando, but I'm still thinking of the breakfast I had in Del Ray Beach at Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen.

This clean eating spot serves up seasonal, sustainable, locally sourced ingredients to create delicious dishes. Their motto is "just good food," and they do not disappoint. If you're even in the area on in Boca, you must stop in. Even if it's for a snack.

Here are all the things my mom, sister and I feasted over:

  • Crushed Avocado Toast – with green goddess pesto and ricotta. Yes, my sister and I were basic millennials for ordering this, but if it ain't broke don't fix it right?

  • Roasted Root Hash - A yummy mix of crispy purple potatoes, --- and --- seasoned perfectly.

  • Honey butter biscuits – basically two giant clouds of sweet, carby goodness. I would do extra cardio in the gym just to have these on a regular basis.

  • Chicken Sausage - a thing I did not know even existed but am super glad I know exists. Well, maybe not since I'm not sure anywhere in the O is doing this. Normal sausage has always mades me nauseous, so I was really surprised at how freaking good this was. Super tasty with a touch of raisins (or maybe they were blueberries? I'm stilll trying it out honestly) for a nice hearty start to the day.

  • Yogurt Parfait – with Florida honey, mixed berries and Greek yogurt. I ordered this to ease my conscious for the bag of cheese puffs I devoured the day before, but it added a nice sweet touch to balance our breakfast out.

Gary, or if anyone else from the Farmhouse crew is reading this, please hurry up and open an Orlando location so a girl can get some good brunch. Much appreciated.