Meet the Artist: David Lawrence


Though I’ve only known David Lawrence for a couple years, I think his youthful vibe has always been a part my life. He has a joyous spirit and a way of capturing people at a moment in their timeline that supersedes how they see themselves. He is a talented photographer and storyteller and if you get the chance to work with him, take it.

Let’s get to know David Lawrence.

Childhood memento?

When I was a kid I collected tons of “Peanuts” memorabilia. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and all the characters in any form I could find them. I was obsessed. Until a couple years ago I had a wax dinosaur figure from the Orlando Science Center that I was pretty pumped on, but it got broken and now its in the dump somewhere. 

Recent acquisition for your home?

A new record. When I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago I got a vinyl record by the band Better Oblivion Community Center. It’s a new project from artists Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers. Its so so so good. 

Current obsession?

Man, I wouldn’t say obsession, but I’ve been running a lot. I ran 6 miles the other night. I don’t know how consistent it will become, but I enjoy it. I’m always looking for the next fun thing or work project. But obsession? My cat. And donuts from Voodoo Donuts. I probably bring it up everyday to my poor wife and our roommate. That goes well w/ running. 

Favorite hobby?

My favorite thing lately has been going to the movies at Enzian and then any moment I get to hang with my wife, our cat, and our friends. (There’s the cat again! ha! I’m obsessed.)

Always on you - watch, memento, etc?

My cell phone, clothes and tattoos. Ha!  

Favorite spot in your home?

Living room for sure. Our couch is comfy and the tv is nice. 

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

It’s not in my neighborhood, but my wife and I LOVE Luke’s in Maitland. Derek, their chef is incredible and the food is so good and well thought out. Everything is made from scratch and the ingredients are local. Also, they have a great happy hour and the service is always on point! 

Favorite neighborhood shop?

Kiwi Camera Service all day. Michael the owner is a wizard in the camera world and can fix a anything. He’s got an awesome team and they have a huge selection of film and all kinds of fun old camera stuff. Also, I like GB’s Bottle Shop and Whippoorwill Beer House's bottle selection. Both sell single cold beers! 

Favorite way to focus on health or wellness? 

Running. I’ve also been getting into breath work and meditation lately. Taking 30 minutes to focus on God through prayer and breathing exercises in the AM has been really rad. 

Favorite place visited in the last year?

In the last year I’ve traveled a lot. Seattle was one of my favorite spots to visit this past Summer. I used to live there and it’s a second home to me and always feels so special when I visit. We spent a few days with friends there and drove to Montana where my wife used to live. We went to Glacier National Park and saw the musician Phoebe Bridgers play. Both were freaking incredible. I also went to Austin, Texas to photograph a wedding and that super cool as well! It reminded me a lot of Portland. 

Best gift recently given?

My wife surprised me by taking me to Tampa for the day for my birthday. When we got there a bunch of our closest friends were there waiting for us. It was a total surprise. They took me all around Tampa and St Pete and she surprised me w/ a tattoo also. It was super cool. Something I’ll remember forever. Also, another friend of mine took the time to get me a variety of nice button up shirts. I could tell she spent time thinking about each shirt and that was super cool because it felt meaningful and like she really went out of her way! Our roommate also got me voodoo donut gift card! It was dope!! 

Most inspiring book you’ve read?

Ever?? I’m not entirely sure as it’s difficult to narrow down to one - I can tell you a book I’ve read recently that I’ve really enjoyed though!! Its called They Can’t Kill US Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib. He is a music writer from Ohio. He tells stories of his favorite musicians, going to concerts, and growing up in the midwest as a black muslim. His poems and stories are captivating, at times heart wrenching, beautiful, and honestly told. 

The thing you most love about your city?

The people. Orlando seems to me like a tight knit community in a lot of ways. Everyone kind of knows everyone and are good at showing support when someone comes out with a new business or idea. I bump into people I know everywhere I go! 

Best thing about what you do?

I get to interact with other people and use my photos help to others. Sometimes its just through taking portraits for people to put on their LinkedIn page or website, but its still giving people an opportunity to let their true selves shine. When I take photos for businesses I’m able to give them content to promote their products. My hope is that it will make their businesses shine and grow; pulling in more customers.

At the top of your to-do list?

Clean my house and work on all the photo projects I never seem to complete.  

Other work projects?

For a year and half I worked on a project called Inhabit for Bungalower. I’d interview people about the places they called home - take portraits of them in their space and ask them about their lives. I also do an ongoing project called Print where I set up photo studios in different places around the city and give people the opportunity to sit for a portrait and leave w/ a print in hand. I’ve photographed 500 or so people since I began that last October! There are currently portraits hanging at Credo’s Health Village Location and at The Heavy in Winter Park. 

On your bedside table? 

I don’t have one! ha! 

A film that holds a special place in your heart?

Forest Gump!! Its a movie I watched a ton growing up and I’ve always loved the storytelling and how Forrest brushes shoulders with so many people and weaves in and out of so many important parts of history.


Connect with David through Facebook, Instagram, or Email him here. He has headshot signups from time to time. The next one is Friday, March 29th and there are a few spots left!

Looking for the book David mentioned in the blog? Click on this image for the Kindle version.

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