Meet the Maker: MOMLANDO


I met Dana Nichols a couple years ago and since then I’ve come to consider her one of my best friends. We have two completely different lives but our similar personalities make meetups incredibly fun AND productive. I’m a big fan of her blog, Momlando, and all she’s doing for getting Orlando moms together and sharing. Let’s get to know Dana!

Childhood memento? I have a ceramic dog that was at my grandma's house and now is on a bookshelf in mine. I love it.

Recent acquisition for your home? A coworker gave us a big stuffed now he's everywhere. The kids move him all around. I'm surprised I had two dog answers in a row! I'm not the biggest animal person.

Current obsession? Podcasts, I love them! And the Libby app which puts the whole library on my phone! Audiobooks, e-books! Oh it's so great.

Favorite hobby? I love arts and crafts. I always have some kind of project in mind

Always on you - watch, memento, etc? I started wearing my grandma's wedding ring every day. It is a gentle reminder of her strength and that she's always with me.

Favorite spot in your home? My bed. I love sleep.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant? Hawkers, Pig Floyd's, and Kelly's Ice Cream - I couldn't get sick of them if I tried.

Favorite neighborhood shop? Rifle Paper Co. and Avalon Exchange.

Favorite art museum? I love the views at the Menello!

Favorite place visited in the last year? Oh this is a great question and I haven't traveled much to have a good answer!!! 

Best gift recently given? Being a good gift giver is so important to me! I love finding a really special and unique gift. I worked with a comic book artist to make a family comic book cover for Reid's first Father's Day and then got a second one done after our little guy was born. We finally got them printed and hung up this past December. We love them.

Best gift recently received? Last year for my birthday Reid sent me to Macbeth Photo workshop it was awesome! I know that's not that recent but it definitely sticks out. 

Most inspiring book you’ve read? Ever? Or recently? In the last year of course I've gotten really into Rachel Hollis' Girl Wash Your Face.  It's nothing brand new but it's a perfectly packaged pep talk that resonated with me quite a bit.

The thing you most love about your city? I think the best part about Orlando is that there's room for everyone to pursue the thing you love. If you want to start the thing [restaurant, nonprofit, flower truck, etc.] you can just get out there and do it!

Best thing about what you do? I love meeting and connecting other moms, motherhood can be super lonely and I love being able to make it easier for myself and others.

On your bedside table? When it's clean just a glass of water and the baby monitor. When it's not, a huge stack of laundry waiting to be put away, seven hair clips, my glasses, and any random number of papers and stuff that needs to be sorted. It's not a big bedside table so just imagine that as a mile high stack of nonsense.

A film that holds a special place in your heart? Have you seen Captain Marvel? It just full on blew my mind and took over my heart with its girl power. I'm counting down the days and years until I can watch it with my daughter. It will blow her mind. And I'll cry a lot when we watch it together, for sure.