Meet the Maker: ORLANDOUGH


Get to know Liz Doerr, owner of Orlandough.

Liz Doerr is also known as Orlandough. Her Instagram (shout out to another biz that had to underscore) is full of mouth-watering treats to delight and excite. She consistently sells out at every event she's at and believe me there’s a reason. Her doughnuts are some of the best and most coveted in the city. Currently without a brick and mortar, catching up with her is really a game of watching her Instagram feed and checking her calendar. If you miss her, you’re sad about it. Believe me.

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Liz for a few years now and am so proud to say we’ve partnered on a fun project in the past with my Sweet Six Candy. So, I thought to reach out when I wanted to start a new blog series. More than their process, it’s about a few personal things that give you an insight into who makers are rather than just what creative venture they’ve got going on. So, let’s get to know Orlandough’s Liz Doerr.

Childhood memento? I'll go with the most embarrassing one which is my blankie. I still sleep with it and take it on vacation and it's basically a rag. I thought I'd have to get rid of it as an adult but turns out you can do whatever you want when you're grown so long as it doesn't hurt other people. But honestly, it's so great, even my boyfriend steals it from me.

Recent acquisition for your home? Rug for the living room which inspired me to move basically everything. 

Current obsession? Good coffee. Like $15-$20/bag whole bean coffee. I grind it at home and brew it in this old 4-cup drip coffee maker.

Favorite hobby? Taking pictures of dogs while trying new pet nats

Always on you - watch, memento, etc? Usually pen and some kind of paper because I'm not too into writing notes on my phone

Favorite spot in your home? Love/hate relationship with my kitchen--will be only a love relationship once I no longer have to work in it for my profession

Favorite neighborhood restaurant? RusTeak or Jade depending on my mood

Favorite neighborhood shop? Digress wine

Favorite way to stay fit? I used to play all sorts of sports and that's really my favorite way to stay fit, mainly through playing soccer, volleyball, or football. But I don't belong to any teams anymore so mostly I do power yoga at Orlando Power Yoga, which I love. I also really enjoy weight training which I do at the YMCA downtown because it just makes me feel strong/confident in my ability to carry my own 50lb bags of flour into the house. Lastly, I love riding my bike but Orlando sort of blows as far as good riding in the downtown area so I don't ride it as much as I did when I lived over in Oviedo.

Favorite place visited in the last year? Portland, Maine. Which I keep typing as Portlando out of muscle memory.

Best gift recently given? I gave my BF Klogs kitchen shoes because he's on his feet as much as me and was doing it in Nike sneakers. He likes them and wears them and I think his feet are happier which makes me happy.

Best gift recently received? Miir mug. It's insulated so well and has a lid so it keeps my coffee hot for the longest time and I love it so much. Also love that it feels like I'm drinking out of a regular coffee cup so I enjoy taking it to coffee shops to use instead of a disposable cup.

Most inspiring book you’ve read? Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life. I need everyone to know not only how awesome she is but also how real the fight for gender equality was and is. 

The thing you most love about your city? I'm close to so many people I love here. Also, I love the size of Orlando which allows for new things but also room for businesses to grow and new businesses to come in and be successful.

Best thing about what you do? Full control over my time.

On your bedside table? multiple books, notebook, journal, and water.

A film that holds a special place in your heart? Happy Go Lucky and Singin' in the Rain. 

Liz Doerr
Call: 321-749-1020