Grandma Party Bazaar 2017

Another Grandma Party Bazaar has come and gone. If you missed it in December then you REALLY missed it. There was the coolest selection of makers and creatives. Brendan and I took a walk around the tents and spoke with a slew of talented people. Take a look here: 

Interested in being a vendor? Follow Grandma Party Bazaar on Facebook which is where they announce when application is open. Of course I have my faves, but I discovered so many new makers and met some really cool people. Word of warning, the drinks at Stardust are deceptively delicious and STRONG as hell. The lemonade was the best ever, from what I remember. 

There are some killer photos of the day by Tipso Photo...Mike Lothrop. You can check them out here. In short, mark your calendars now for mid-December in Orlando. The market scene is HAWT and this one is one you should NEVER miss. Have I yelled at you enough?