I Can't Get Enough of SEE EYEWEAR


People always ask about my glasses and sunglasses. ALWAYS. And I am always so excited to be able to tell them the same thing over and over. I got them at SEE.

I have been wearing glasses since third grade. Back then, (cough, cough early 80s) it wasn’t cool to wear glasses. Also my Dad would cut my hair, so imagine the awkward elementary school and middle school years dialed up to eleven. It’s much different now. Glasses aren’t just a necessity. People even buy glasses with clear, non-prescription lenses. Want to hear something weird? In high school I actually had a fake pair of glasses that I wore while I had my contacts in because they were cooler than my actual glasses. These days I have zero reason to fake it. I have found the perfect glasses.

The first pair of glasses I got at SEE Eyewear was in 2005 and they were the perfect blue. They fit my face really well and something about them made me feel cool. Most of the time, like many people, I feel pretty awkward. I don’t have anxiety about it, it’s just something I feel. So, to find something that makes me feel less awkward and more fashion-y, is something I’ll stick with.

That was over ten years ago. Since then, I’ve bought over seven pairs of sunglasses and five pairs of glasses. I’ve even invested in a couple pairs of reading glasses. I honestly don’t buy glasses anywhere else. Now that they have an eye doctor on staff, you can bet it’s now my one-stop-shop for eye care and eyewear.

When I walk into SEE in Winter Park, it’s like going to visit a friend. Milena and Marley, Jason and Kim, are all kind, thoughtful, and caring. They always help me pick out a frame that suits me best and pushes me just a little bit further out of my comfort zone. I think I heard someone call them “eye appliances.”


Fun facts you should know about SEE:

  1. There are only 100 pairs of a frame made and that style is split between all the store locations. It’s as close to custom eyewear as you can get without going bespoke. So if you pick a frame, you know it’s going to be YOURS and most likely will not run into someone else wearing the same style. If you do, Instagram it because that would be wild!

  2. They are trained at knowing what frames will work with your prescription and can find options for you that will make you feel great and ensure that you don’t look like you have coke bottles resting on your face.

  3. All the glasses come with UV protection. Even if they aren’t sunglasses, the optical styles will have UV protection. Our eyes are sensitive and the lighter your iris, the less natural protection you have from the sun and UV rays. Science tells us that glaucoma and cataracts can be caused by overexposure to sunlight. Just be sure you

  4. That blue light blocking action is rad. You can add on a blue-light blocking filter that keeps your eyes from getting overworked with all those hours in front of the computer or phone. You know you do it. I do it. The blue light blocker saves my sanity and helps me sleep better.

  5. They’ll clean, adjust, fix or repair your glasses even if they aren’t SEE glasses. How nice is that?

I got the chance to go behind the scenes one night and interview Marley and Milena to find out all the details behind what makes this company so special. You can watch it here 👇👇👇

SEE gets new styles in each month so there is always something to look forward to and it’s easy to see why it can be an addiction for some. Having unique glasses that make you feel good about how you look AND help you see clearly is pretty special. Go SEE my friends at SEE. Tell ‘em I sent ya and that we’re friends, then SEE what happens!

Photos by Grace With Fire Photography 🙌
Glasses provided by SEE Eyewear Winter Park, 342 S Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789