Jacoub Reyes at Mills Gallery

I've followed Jacoub Reyes (pronounced Ya-Koob Ray-yes) since 2013 and have loved seeing the evolution of his printmaking.  The show he has up at Mills Gallery is one you have to see.  The tour I did with him explains it all.  Click 'play' to take a look.

Good and evil have different meanings to certain people.  By accepting set values, we limit ourselves from experiencing life as an ever-changing story.  Growing up in New Jersey - to parents from opposite sides of the globe, religion and culture played an influential part in my life.  This is my journey into the meanings behind these worlds.
— Jacoub Reyes

Jacoub Reyes is an American-born Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Pakistani printmaker.  He works here in Orlando, Florida and uses wood as his primary material to carve and print images.  He explores race, identity, and history in this solo presentation, "Beyond Good and Evil."  Known for his large-scale woodcuts and prints, Reyes' raw and unapologetic experiences are captured in stark black ink on white paper. 

Jacoub Reyes Mills Gallery.jpg

Mills Gallery

1650 Mills Ave N.
Orlando, Florida 32803

(407) 234-7033


Jacoub Reyes' show is up through September.