Junior Nyong'o IS Hamlet at Orlando Shakes

Would you rather…
A. Go to jail for something you didn’t do.
B. Commit a crime, get away with it, and have to live with the constant fear of getting caught


First off, big big thanks to Orlando Shakes for the behind the scenes peek at the prop shop and an invite to the dress rehearsal for Hamlet.

Now, the words to describe how riveting this performance is. I don’t think I can do it justice. The madness, humor, murder, leaping, swordplay, tenderness, and gnashing of teeth is almost too much. Three hours of following each character through one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays was enough to keep me up for hours afterward thinking about light and movement and color and story.

It’s so well done. The theatre has been transformed to bring the audience into the set. The rotating stage is set in Denmark with greys and blues and light that streams from above and below. Played in the round, every bit of the stage is used and shared with viewers from every angle. Balconies, stairs, wings. The action comes from all over and the scenes are played so very very well.


Y’all, Junior Nyong’o IS Hamlet. Horatio’s loyalty is exact. Polonius is perfect as a terminally bumbling father. Ophelia nearly steals the whole thing with her madness and gives new meaning to the words “hair sticks.” Gertrude is sat squarely in the middle of her ignorance. And… I may have fallen in love with evil uncle/brother/king Claudius. (#CheekbonesForDays)

Do not miss:
Hamlet’s passionate acrobatics in madness.
Opehlia’s mad rant.
Claudius’ prayer.
Gertrude’s awakening.
Final swordfight.

The show opens February 6th and runs through March 24th, 2019 in the Margeson Theatre at Orlando Shakes.

go. Go! GO!!!! Find tickets HERE.


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