Meet Ms. Beneva Fruitville

Photo by David Lawrence

Photo by David Lawrence

I love telling stories and sharing what people do but this was the first time I’d been in a situation where I did a photoshoot with someone I’d not met in person and on stage. Beneva Fruitville is super-talented and has a ton of experience and to actually stand on stage with her was, well, kind of intimidating. Our personalities aligned faster than you can say “cat-lady” and we joked and got serious and shared stories. I tried to re-learn my 1986 Barbizon Modeling School lesson of How To Stand with some guidance from this pro. (Scroll to the bottom for the end result.) Let’s get to know a little more about Beneva Fruitville.

Your motto? It’s from the musical Rent, it’s pretty self explanatory. It is “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.”

Childhood memento? I have so many but my favorite would probably be a book that my mother got me that was specifically about me.

Recent acquisition for your home or apartment? I just got a new bed frame and chair for my bedroom, both gifts from wonderful friends!

Current obsession? Learning how to add a lace front to a wig. I’m not good yet but I’m getting better.

Favorite hobby? Working on costuming for specific performances.

Always on you - memento, watch? Phone Why? Basically FOMO.

Two favorite neighborhood restaurant/s? I love State Street downtown and directly across the street is my other favorite, Bricks.

Favorite museum of all time? Ringling Museum. First of all, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Secondly, I was asked to give a comedy tour of the museum. It was an absolute blast and very popular, it was sold out within days of being announced. Also, the tour made the New York Times! So much fun!

Best gift recently received? I’m a huge Disney fan, and more specifically Disney’s Aladdin fan. Thusly, I have a massive Aladdin collection. One year I received an golden stamp with the Genie on it. This is an extremely rare collectible item that I’m thrilled to own!

Most inspiring book or article you’ve read? This may seem silly, but Inspiration Sandwich by SARK is so delightful and inspiring, I’ve turned to it since college.

At the top of your to-do list? Laundry...all the laundry!

The thing you most love about your city? Sarasota is brimming with Arts. Professional and non-professional theatre, opera, ballet and cinema. There is no other town like it!

Best thing about what you do? Seeing someone genuinely let go and belly laugh. It’s the best feeling in the world when I see that someone is doing that because of something I’ve said or done. It’s magical!

Favorite drink (alcoholic AND non-alcoholic)? Mountain Dew: Code Red and Dirty Vodka Martinis!

Coffee or Tea? Iced Coffee, black, no sugar.

Always in your fridge? Cheese.

On your nightstand? Essential oils and muscle pain relief balms.

A film that holds a special place in your heart? Disney’s Aladdin. I was in Magic Kingdom the day the film was released and it was magical. I was 16, Aladdin is 16. His hero journey is learning that being himself is the best way to live, I strive to be like that.

What one item would you save above all else and after yourself if there were a fire? My girls, my cats. In my household, I have 2 black cats; Pooter who is 11 and Scoop who is 4. My roommate also has a cat named Hemi who is 10. I would do everything I could do to save them.

Photo By David Lawrence

Photo By David Lawrence

Photo by David Lawrence

Photo by David Lawrence

Don’t miss seeing Beneva Fruitville’s Drag Queen Bingo Bonanza at McCurdy’s Comedy Theatre in Sarasota. On from September 22nd to December 29th and tickets are $20.
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