Finding Zero Proof Cocktails in Orlando

Pineapple Matcha  Iced Matcha+Pineapple+Lemon Simple+Mint By  @brettwhere

Pineapple Matcha
Iced Matcha+Pineapple+Lemon Simple+Mint
By @brettwhere

Deeply Coffee’S Spring Crushers Pineapple matcha, sprite remix, and rosella palmer by  @cheesemn  and  @brettwhere

Deeply Coffee’S Spring Crushers
Pineapple matcha, sprite remix, and rosella palmer
by @cheesemn and @brettwhere

sette pistachio soda with fancy cherry garnish

sette pistachio soda with fancy cherry garnish

Wellness is the name of the game these days. Maybe you have an early flight or board meeting, are still breastfeeding, on a new medication, or need to get to that early hot yoga class that you just can’t go to hungover even though your friend’s birthday is the night before. Enter the zero proof cocktail.

As of this post, it’s been fifteen months since I chose sobriety and it hasn’t been easy. Not because of the baggage of the thing. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s more like a Louis Vuitton trunk. It’s also because my hometown is really slow to embrace the fact that alcohol is just not a part of some of our lives. Perhaps with this post I can save someone from being told to “find the water fountain in the hallway” at social events, and from standing around with a less-than-celebratory soda water with lime. Lame.

Here are a few hits I’ve found around Orlando:

Deeply Coffee - I’m a BIG fan of barista Brett Ware. Newly released Spring Crushers (pictured above) are perfection. See how simple it is to make something beautiful and zero proof?

Sette - Newly opened and packed nightly, this Ivanhoe Village sister to Se7en Bites has a long list of house-made sodas that are lovely, refreshing, and celebratory. Try the pistachio flavor or blood orange for a pick-me-up that won’t let you down. (Fancy Luxardo cherry included!)

Umi Winter Park - Surprising and delightful are the bartenders at Umi. Muddled berries and mint mixed with flavored soda waters and fresh juices that are on point. Celebration turned up to 10!

The Nook - All local Florida drinks available, including local kombucha and Framework coffee. Both excellent for the cozy vibe of this place.

Florida and Co. - This East End Market foodie stop has Smiling Goat Shrubs and kombucha on tap. Mixed with soda water and a garnish, shrubs are a great substitute for a cocktail.

The Courtesy - Definitely inventive and tasty. Be sure to use descriptive words like “bright” and “floral” or “spicy” for what you want.

Stardust Video & Coffee - This local watering hole is the scene of Nerd Nite, book launches, birthday parties, and studying galore. Grab an Italian soda with Rose Monin syrup or a French soda with the same and cream. It’s pink and festive and you’ll start a new new trend.

Have suggestions of your favorite places for zero-proof? Add ‘em in the comments below!

Seedlip booze-free distilled spirit cocktails

Seedlip booze-free distilled spirit cocktails

Stock your event with alt-bevs for those that are sober-curious:

DRAM Herbal Waters

DRAM Herbal Waters

“I used to think I lost my social anxiety after I had the first drink. Now I realize, the first 15 minutes of anything is just awkward. Once I adjust to the environment and start chatting with someone, I relax. And it’s amazing to see that happen across a whole room of people who aren’t drinking. We’ve been giving alcohol a power it doesn’t really have.” -Joy Manning

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