Exploring East Nashville


This visit to Nashville, I picked East Nashville. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are PUHLENTY of neighborhoods to choose from. Much like Orlando, each neighborhood in Nashville has its own personality.

East Nashville is kind of hanging out by itself to the northeast of town. When I say “town” I mean it. Nashville has about 750K people in it so it’s smaller than Orlando. It’s easy and cheap to Uber around and they even have UberPool here. I chose that option each ride and no one ever got in the car with me so it ended up being a cheaper version of the regular Uber ride.

Where I stayed:

Uber from BHN to East Nashville was a cool $19. With the airport’s new Ride Share App pick up location it was a breeze finding my car and hitting the road. We bypassed downtown and headed for the East side. I nabbed a room in a house within walking distance to a ton of things. Check out Willi’s AirBNB:

Where I ate:

I grabbed dinner at Mas Tacos. This lady’s been making tasty food since starting her OG food truck, often still seen on the road, back in 1979. Get one of everything. Cash or check only. Seriously, bring a check just to be able to write one again. What else are you going to do with them?

Shown below:
Pulled Pork Taco
Fried Tilapia Taco
Tortilla Soup


Cafe Roze was a perfect little lunch spot. Welcoming, cute, friendly, and full of delicious food. I had a superbly simple and delicious salad, juicy and perfectly cooked local burger, and a bright and yummy handmade pineapple mint fizzy soda. If you go, and you have to go, don’t forget to grab a Cafe Roze Latte to go. It’s got rose petals in it!


Another stop I have to mention was for the hundred-layer-donut at Five Daughters Bakery. I think the word c-r-o-n-u-t is trademarked so it’s not that, but it’s like that, but not exactly, but basically, but not. It’s light, fluffy, perfectly iced, and like a cloud of yeasty, airy, lovely with vanilla sugar icing.

Well, just look at it. Don’t you want one? If you absolutely need one and can’t make it to Nashville, they’ve got a shop in Seaside, Florida. What’s that, like five hours away? Just go.


Where I…coffee’d:

Barista Parlor is one of the best locations to grab a pour-over and jumpstart your morning. I opted for the Daredevil, a citrus-y mix of Sumatra and Guatamala that packed a punch. The short wooden stools here are kind of amazing. They tip forward so you feel like you’re ready to let the brakes loose on your Big Wheel. You’re being propelled into whatever you’re doing: starting a new creative venture, business, investment fund, or relationship. You feel like you’re already going even while sitting down. It’s rad. I feel like I need one of those stools in my life every single day.


Where I shopped:

Walk to Gift Horse from Barista Parlor and you’ll follow beautiful brick sidewalks with unique houses-turned-shops until you’ve reached a super neat little area full of local treasures. This is THE place for unique Nashville tchotchkes. Jessica hand picks amazing goods you won’t find anywhere else in the city; local finds and fun cards, bags, dishtowels, t-shirts, pillows and posters.


Where to get vegan treats and pet cats:

They’re not open just yet so I was super sad about having to miss the kittens, but I got in touch and the people in charge filled my phone screen with floof. So, if y’all are headed to East Nashville, put this vegan bakery and cat lounge on your list. Welcome to The Catio!

Follow their Instagram right now. It’s cool. I’ll wait.


I didn’t see a whole lot of other people walking or biking so I reached out to Nashville Guru for some answers and insight. Here’s what they had to say:
“East Nashville is great, but you won't see many people walking. There are little pockets (5 Points / Eastland Avenue, Riverside Village) where you'll see a little foot traffic, but not much. For walkability, biking, and scootering, you'll need to venture to the other little neighborhoods, particularly 12 South, Midtown, Hillsboro Village, Germantown, The Gulch, and Downtown/SoBro. You'll definitely see more activity here. Cars/Lyfts are still the primary way of getting around though." 

Where do people in Nashville go to get away for the weekend?
”Chattanooga, Asheville, Gatlinburg, Louisville, and Memphis are popular cities to visit. Most Nashvillians will go to nearby lakes for a short getaway, including Percy Priest, Center Hill, Tims Ford, and Kentucky Lake.”

Are you seeing any trends in travel to specific neighborhoods or areas?
”From our perspective, East Nashville, 12 South, The Gulch, and Germantown are the most frequented areas outside of Downtown. You'll notice more robust development in The Gulch and Germantown (such as new apartments, hotels, etc). East Nashville is popular with creatives and leans residential with pockets of retail and destination restaurants/bars. 12 South is a blend of residential and commercial development, with about a mile-long strip of activity on 12th Avenue South.” 

Best options for coffee in your opinion?
“There are a lot of great coffee options. Check out any Barista Parlor for a cool vibe or Crema for serious coffee.” 

They have this handy dandy map of neighborhoods. I’m just going to borrow it and put it here. (Click through to see more from Nashville Guru on each neighborhood.)

All in all, a fantastic neighborhood visit and I will definitely be back. Frontier has super-affordable and fast direct flights from MCO. It’s an easy weekend trip, so add it to your list for exploring.


Visiting The Orlando Cat Cafe

Visiting The Orlando Cat Cafe

We took a walk through the cat room and got to hang out in the kitten tent. I had a couple favorites, but all of the cats and kittens are unique personalities. Grab a coffee and treat and buy your ticket at the Axom coffee counter, then go hangout with these adoptable friends.

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Foxtail Coffee Is Spreading Like Wildfire

Foxtail Coffee has locations in Winter Park, Downtown Orlando, and Altamonte with several more on the way. Recently they celebrated their grand opening of the Hourglass District location and the first week of classes marks the grand opening for their UCF Campus location.

Foxtail - Hourglass District

2401 Curry Ford Rd, Orlando, FL 32806

If you haven't heard of the Hourglass District, it's one of Orlando's up-and-coming neighborhoods focusing on being pedestrian friendly, safe for cyclists, and supportive to local businesses.

At the Foxtail Coffee on Curry Ford Road, that sense of community is evident in the multi-vendor layout of the storefront (hey there, Social House and Leguminati...) and the spacious patio lounge in the back.


Hourglass Social House is the glue holding these businesses together and is in the process of expanding to the rest of the spaces in the plaza. Leguminati is a new vegan eatery featuring the OG Crunch, which seems to be a vegan imitation of a Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. I don't know about you, but that's plenty of information to get me in the front door (not sure if I'll fit through on the way back out though).


Foxtail - UCF Bookstore

4000 Central Florida Blvd, Orlando, FL 32816

At the UCF Bookstore, Foxtail Coffee has begun branching out into licensing their product and brand. Though this is uncharted territory and the bookstore side of the venue is still under partial construction, it seems to be a popular dining choice among students, faculty, and staff at the university.


Foxtail is conveniently located at the heart of campus right next to the student union and new library expansion, so expect crowds this week. And they're certainly equipped to handle a UCF-sized crowd! With the open layout and plenty of seating and table space for study, you can set up with a textbook and laptop and work without the worry of taking someone else's spot.

Along with the classic grab-n-go snacks you'd expect from a bookstore, Foxtail features mouth-watering Valkyrie Doughnuts and their famous cold brew Growlers that you can take back to your dorm room or office on campus.


Tina Fleming is a partner at Townie Tourist and an Orlando-based travel and lifestyle blogger at Tina In The Sun. She's a cat mom, self-proclaimed foodie, and moonlight singer in an a cappella group called Geekapella.

Fill Your Life with Flair from Craft & Common

Craft & Common is a new coffee and retail combo in downtown Orlando filled with ferns, femininity, funky trinkets, and plenty of fabulous photo ops.


Craft & Common lives up to its name with a full craft coffee and espresso bar, including pastries and other baked goods.  Pictured here is a very satisfying everything croissant that caught my eye.  They also make a cheddar jalapeno croissant and store a selection of vegan breakfast sandwiches in the cooler.

Shelves upon shelves of brightly colored gifts and dainty knick-knacks line the walls of Craft & Common's spacious layout.


You can't have a storefront these days without a super cute backdrop to take fun photos with while you peruse the goods. Craft & Common does not disappoint with the Biggie Smalls reference, "It was all a dream."


Parking is in the back of the building and there's plenty of seating and table space for bigger groups for hanging out with friends or holding meetings.


Craft & Common

47 E Robinson Street, Ste 100
Orlando, FL 32801

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Tina Fleming is a partner at Townie Tourist and an Orlando-based travel and lifestyle blogger at Tina In The Sun. She's a cat mom, self-proclaimed foodie, and moonlight singer in an a cappella group called Geekapella.

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Why you need to start hanging out at The Heavy in Winter Park


The space is filled with inspired plant combinations, floral arrangements, and home decor by Porch Therapy (Sound familiar? You've probably seen them in East End Market).


The Heavy

1152 Harmon Avenue
Winter Park, FL

Last week, we visited The Heavy for a sneak preview of the very Instagrammable chill space opening this July in the old Lombardi's Seafood building in Winter Park.

The Heavy is bringing your favorite local vendors together, featuring a Downtown CREDO coffee bar and rotating pop-up restaurants. Bangrak Thai Street Kitchen will be popping up three times per week with their traditional Thai food and (great news for me!) an expanded menu to include more vegetarian and vegan options.

Long farmhouse table, perfect for dinner parties.

Long farmhouse table, perfect for dinner parties.


The Heavy will have regular open hours to the public starting in July and will be the perfect place to setup and work, study, or hang out and take creative photos with your friends. 

The best part is all of the cute plants and decor are for sale! See something you like? Let one of the employees know and you can bring what you love home with you. 


Tina Fleming is a partner at Townie Tourist and an Orlando-based travel and lifestyle blogger at Tina In The Sun. She's a cat mom, self-proclaimed foodie, and moonlight singer in an a cappella group called Geekapella.

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