Get to know: ORLANDOUGH


Get to know Liz Doerr, owner of Orlandough.

Liz Doerr is also known as Orlandough. Her Instagram (shout out to another biz that had to underscore) is full of mouth-watering treats to delight and excite. She consistently sells out at every event she's at and believe me there’s a reason. Her doughnuts are some of the best and most coveted in the city. Currently without a brick and mortar, catching up with her is really a game of watching her Instagram feed and checking her calendar. If you miss her, you’re sad about it. Believe me.

I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Liz for a few years now and am so proud to say we’ve partnered on a fun project in the past with my Sweet Six Candy. So, I thought to reach out when I wanted to start a new blog series. More than their process, it’s about a few personal things that give you an insight into who makers are rather than just what creative venture they’ve got going on. So, let’s get to know Orlandough’s Liz Doerr.

Childhood memento? I'll go with the most embarrassing one which is my blankie. I still sleep with it and take it on vacation and it's basically a rag. I thought I'd have to get rid of it as an adult but turns out you can do whatever you want when you're grown so long as it doesn't hurt other people. But honestly, it's so great, even my boyfriend steals it from me.

Recent acquisition for your home? Rug for the living room which inspired me to move basically everything. 

Current obsession? Good coffee. Like $15-$20/bag whole bean coffee. I grind it at home and brew it in this old 4-cup drip coffee maker.

Favorite hobby? Taking pictures of dogs while trying new pet nats

Always on you - watch, memento, etc? Usually pen and some kind of paper because I'm not too into writing notes on my phone

Favorite spot in your home? Love/hate relationship with my kitchen--will be only a love relationship once I no longer have to work in it for my profession

Favorite neighborhood restaurant? RusTeak or Jade depending on my mood

Favorite neighborhood shop? Digress wine

Favorite way to stay fit? I used to play all sorts of sports and that's really my favorite way to stay fit, mainly through playing soccer, volleyball, or football. But I don't belong to any teams anymore so mostly I do power yoga at Orlando Power Yoga, which I love. I also really enjoy weight training which I do at the YMCA downtown because it just makes me feel strong/confident in my ability to carry my own 50lb bags of flour into the house. Lastly, I love riding my bike but Orlando sort of blows as far as good riding in the downtown area so I don't ride it as much as I did when I lived over in Oviedo.

Favorite place visited in the last year? Portland, Maine. Which I keep typing as Portlando out of muscle memory.

Best gift recently given? I gave my BF Klogs kitchen shoes because he's on his feet as much as me and was doing it in Nike sneakers. He likes them and wears them and I think his feet are happier which makes me happy.

Best gift recently received? Miir mug. It's insulated so well and has a lid so it keeps my coffee hot for the longest time and I love it so much. Also love that it feels like I'm drinking out of a regular coffee cup so I enjoy taking it to coffee shops to use instead of a disposable cup.

Most inspiring book you’ve read? Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life. I need everyone to know not only how awesome she is but also how real the fight for gender equality was and is. 

The thing you most love about your city? I'm close to so many people I love here. Also, I love the size of Orlando which allows for new things but also room for businesses to grow and new businesses to come in and be successful.

Best thing about what you do? Full control over my time.

On your bedside table? multiple books, notebook, journal, and water.

A film that holds a special place in your heart? Happy Go Lucky and Singin' in the Rain. 

Liz Doerr
Call: 321-749-1020

Visiting the Deli Llama


Lake County just got a new sandwich place that is super delicious. The menu above should say it all. The Deli Llama. Tons of gluten free, carnivorous, and vegetarian options.

Take a trip up to Tavares from Orlando. It’s just around the lake from Mount Dora. Lake Dora, that is. On old 441 about ten minutes from Downtown Mount Dora. Downtown Tavares is cute, walkable, and has those lakeside breezes. The Deli Llama in an old gas station, but the decor makes the place feel like home the second you walk in.

They are going to start serving coffee in January so watch out coffee lovers…you may have a new destination on your hands.


This is the Hot Mess sandwich. I got it to go so the photo presentation isn’t perfect. The taste however, was. Hot capicola, house-made turkey, house-made pimiento cheese, dressed arugula, and cherry peppers. It’s got some heat to it.


The Deli Llama

124 E Alfred St, Tavares, FL 32778

11AM - 8PM Monday through Thursday
11AM - 10PM Friday
11:30AM - 10PM Saturday
Closed Sunday
(352) 508-5044

Facebook | Instagram

Six Holiday Drinks That Won’t Have You Slurring Your Words

Six Holiday Drinks That Won’t Have You Slurring Your Words

Those of us who are off the sauce also want to drink something beautiful, complicated, and festive (much like ourselves) during holiday parties and out at bars and pubs. We’ll start simply and move into more complicated recipes.

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What Is A Healthy Tourist?


Hey y’all. I’m going to be exploring food and food culture in a new way over the next few months. This series will be from my perspective and isn’t meant to guide or change your own habits. I’m not a doctor or anything and definitely am not a nutritionist. (Cheese Puffs equal dinner, right?) Let me explain…

When I was little, it was the 70s. We didn’t have a lot of processed food options at home other than Velveeta. My mother or grandmother made everything from scratch. Somehow though, food became a reward…or a punishment. If I did something good, I was rewarded with a snack and if I didn’t like something on my plate, I had to sit there at the table until I finished it.  This is where I give a solid shout-out to the planter in our dining room that had so much casserole buried in it.

I was talking to Celine Duvoisin at Market on South about her own food journey and she said something that really resonated…”I’m not a dog, I don’t perform for treats.” The hard work she’s put into building a healthy relationship to the food she eats while making decadent desserts for Orlando is truly impressive. I’m moving closer to a milestone birthday and have decided to make some changes in what, how, and when I cook and eat.

The first step is in figuring out if I have any food sensitivities. When I was a kid, I was sensitive to milk products and still am. And in 2010 I developed an allergy to garlic. It has been the worst ever. It’s in EVERYTHING. When I have eaten garlic in any form and in any amount, my reaction has been neurological and generally feels like I’m having a stroke. Over the past 2 years however, my allergy has slowly subsided to a sensitivity. Why? How?

I decided to connect with someone who could help me find some answers, Alexa Schmidt. She’s a neurotherapist and nutritionist at Whole Family Healthcare in Winter Park. I went in last week to get my blood tested and ran into an 80 year old man who was getting a bright orange vitamin IV. I asked him if he thought it helped him and he said absolutely. In a thick Belgian accent he told me that our bodies are like cars and have to be kept tuned up. To be honest, he seemed very energetic and positive.

Alexa and I visited the Audubon Park Community Market where we talked to Gabriela Lothrop, who’s been running the market since 2009. We met vendors, talked to farmers and growers and makers all here in Central Florida. What I found is that the food I tasted here didn’t taste at all like what I buy in Publix. Flavors are stronger, brighter, and food lasts longer when you buy it just picked that day.

So, as I explore food, nutrition, and wellness feel free to add your own questions or comments. Everyone is different and we’re all searching for an accessible way to be our best selves. Or, like me, you’ve been too busy avoiding it to really explore. Now’s as good a time as any.

Mini Bar Donuts in Jacksonville Beach

I headed to Jacksonville for a weekend with my lady gang. If you’ve not been to Atlantic Beach, then definitely put it on your list. It’s two hours from Orlando and north of St. Augustine. Outside of Jacksonville proper and a bit north of Jacksonville Beach is Atlantic Beach. A small beach town with a bustling maker culture. Mini Bar Donuts is one of the latest stops I made.

First, you have to know that these are TINY LITTLE MINI DONUTS that are just one or two bites. Fluffy cake is hand topped or filled and decorated while you wait. Order at one end of the counter and pick it up at the big orange VW Bus counter. Clever design with a step up and view window for kids to take a peek at all the kitchen work happening on the assembly line.

Puffy, flavor-packed, mini donuts and a great treat to grab for brunch, business meeting, social meet-up, date, or road-trip. The best coffee in the city, Bold Bean is served here. You cannot leave without grabbing a cup of this liquid gold. Don’t miss the mural outside. You don’t really notice it until you leave so be sure to look up.

Check out the pics to get a feel for the place.


If you’re wondering about the menu. It changes a bit seasonally. You’ll always find favorites like:

Vanilla Icing + Fruity Pebbles

Maple Icing + Bacon

Powdered Sugar + Raspberry Jelly

Chocolate or Vanilla Glaze + Mint Chocolate Chips



1300 Beach Boulevard
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
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Edible Education Experience

Say that five times fast and you've got a tongue twister.  The Edible Education Experience has a mission of "connecting students with seed-to-table learning experiences to build a healthy future."  And they do just that.  I took a walk with Garden Coordinator, Brad Jones who helped explain the mission further.  He really knows his stuff. 

As Garden Coordinator of Edible Education Experience, Jones handles everything related to the 1,500 sq.ft. Culinary Garden, from planning the crops and coordinating edible lessons with teachers to providing hands-on experiences for garden visitors and harvesting the garden’s produce.

Edible Education Experience 

26 E. King Street, Orlando, FL 32804


Want to help out?

Edible Education Experience is always looking for a few good volunteers.  If this mission appeals to you and you'd like to get involved, you can click here.  


  • Committed volunteer gardeners to help cultivate the Culinary Garden.

  • Committed volunteer kitchen helpers.

  • Volunteer Chefs to be involved, leading a variety of sessions for a range of programs.

  • Educational liaisons to help build the foundation for field trips; to connect interested educators with our Edible Schoolyard Teacher Academy.