Todd McLellan: Things Come Apart!

I wandered through the latest exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center last week and was amazed by the objects on display from photographer Todd McLellan. He started with one object, a touch tone phone, methodically taking it apart then dropping it from ten feet in the air and photographing it as it fell. Each object's pieces and parts meticulously laid out and a corresponding photograph of the pieces suspended in mid-air. It's fantastic. My favorite: the typewriter

I got to grab a short video the night it opened. Listen in to McLelland's explanation of how he started and why tinkering and taking things apart is now his passion.

The traveling exhibit has been made available through the Smithsonian Institute and will be on site until May 6, 2018. One of the unique displays is the Central Florida wall with the Tiki Bird from Disney World and a rare video of Walt Disney explaining animatronics. There's also the Beefy King sandwich, dissected in all its glory for us to behold. My mouth is watering....and I picked the wrong year to be vegetarian. 

If you're feeling hungry too, FOOD COMES APART will be on Friday, March 23rd and is a culinary adventure of food origin, science, and flavor. Dinner is included! Check out the website for details. 

See you at the History Center.

Looking for a slow-mo video made by Todd McLellan of a piano falling in mid-air? Here ya go: