Townie Tourist Is Heading West


Years ago I had a co-worker who was much older and he’d talk about his friends who “headed west.” I didn’t realize until after he’d mentioned it numerous times that he meant that they had passed on. The sun sets in the west, get it?

If you’ve been following along over the past year, you’ve seen me mention my visits to Sarasota to help take care of my Mom, who has Alzheimer’s. Not to get too personal but now that she’s in memory care, I want to be present when the sun eventually sets for her.

What that means is that Townie Tourist is going to start exploring more of the other end of I-4. You’ll see me in Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Pete, and Tampa. Exploring beaches, neighborhoods, shops, communities, makers, and artists from all over the Gulf Coast and into the western part of Central Florida.

What’s great is that Sarasota is only 2.5 hours from Orlando and a fun trip to do by train. So, you’ll still see Townie Tourist at Orlando things. When you do, be sure to say hello!