What Are Ghost Clothes?

Ghost clothes are the clothes you are wearing at the time you die. Don Price, retired Orlando Sexton, and I sat down to talk about how we’d like to have party-style funerals. Based on our conversation, I’ll be wearing my fanciest underwear and only my favorite clothes from now on. I would hate to end up “walking” the earth in some ratty old undies and some scratchy sweater I thought looked good but felt awful.

We also shared stories from Greenwood Cemetery. We’ve had a few shows with Don, so I thought I’d add them all here. Scroll down and you’ll see them in order from most recent to oldest.

Tour Greenwood with Don!

Tour Greenwood Cemetery with Don Price. Tours are FREE but registration is encouraged. Moonlight Walking Tours will take you on a two mile historical stroll through Greenwood Cemetery. You will briefly visit about 100 graves of notable individuals in Orlando's history. Bring a flashlight and get ready for some fun fun history.