What's In My Dopp Kit?


I emptied my kit to get ready for a trip this weekend and thought maybe you’d be interested in how Townie Tourist travels? I always throw this Dopp kit into my travel bag. It’s just a canvas pouch, but it’s easy to clean and easy to pack.

First, what the heck is a dopp kit? My parents have called it that for years and I just keep on saying it.

Charles Doppelt invented the toilet bag in the 1920s and rather than call it that embarrassing name, people started saying Dopp Kit. Well then, there you go. My grandmother was born in 1910 and she probably saw the advertisements and she certainly called it that. There’s no way she would have used the word, “toilet.” Toilette maybe…

So here’s what one looked like. Generally made of leather and a wide opening at the top with side pockets for things. Once folded over and zipped it can be compressed to flatten inside your luggage.


So now what goes INTO a kit? Well, mine has the basics in it at all times, so I can grab it and go. Sometimes I head over to Sarasota and don’t want to think about what to pack, so the essentials are here. Also, you know I’m into safety and like to be prepared, so here’s what’s in my Dopp kit at all times.

The Dopp Kit Essentials

Zodiac Little Jumbo Pouch by Seltzer ($23)
The pouch.
I actually grabbed this during a sale weekend at the Orlando Museum of Art gift store.

Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen ($19)
I love sunscreen. SPF is one of the reasons my skin looks the way it does. Supergoop! is a fave. I currently have five that I switch between but this one is great for face and body and it’s water resistant. When I get close to the end of a tube, I throw it in the kit to finish up on the road.

Naked Bar Soap Co. Pit Cream ($11)
I am a stickler for not smelling like I’ve been traveling. So a good natural deodorant is a MUST HAVE. I’ve always tried to reduce the heavy metals in my life. Once I tried this tin of glorious stuff, there was no going back. Sweat is good, smell is not. This lemongrass spearmint is deliciously scented and lasts all dang day.

**Made in ORL

Tide Pen

Glide Dental Floss
This stuff is great for oral hygiene and can remove food from between your teeth or can be used as fishing line. This kind doesn’t have wax on it to get in the way of being tied or knotted. Other uses: fire-starter, trip-wire, lash a knife to a stick, tie up laundry, or help make a shelter. I mean, you just never know.

Fancy Ribbon
No idea why this was in here. I think it was left over from my trip to NYC. I bought something at ABC Carpet & Home and they use pretty ribbons for their packages.

Minimal Sewing Kit
This one I grabbed years ago and haven’t needed it but I know the one time I don’t include it, I will. So Murphy’s Law makes me put it in the kit. Hems come undone, holes happen. This will save me. Also tiny scissors and thread have multi-uses. Has anyone ever trimmed their bangs with teeny scissors, I wonder?

Tiny Emery Board
I got a bunch of these at Muji and have been carrying them around for ages. It’s so dang handy when you snag a nail or need to sharpen tweezers. Wait, where ARE my tweezers?

Whatever small kind I find on sale. This was a trial with purchase somewhere. Hello travel size toothpaste in Farm Grown Mint. Sounds yummy.

Megababe Fresh Wipes
Because sometimes a whore’s bath is all you have time for. Or because you’ve been walking around a city all day and want to sit down to dinner feeling fresh. They’re individually wrapped so you can throw one in every bag you own and know you’re covered…just in case.

Innoxa Eye Drops ($15)
I grabbed a couple bottles while in Paris and love how they clear up redness and brighten up the whites of my eyes. Nice to see that they’re available on Amazon! Freaky deaky blue color, but feels great.

Face Wash
I may do a standalone post about my favorites, but this one is numero uno right now. Elemis Superfood Face Wash. The travel size has lasted me through four week long trips so far and there’s still a bit left. That said, I use half a fingernail’s worth and make it last as long as possible.

Cotton Swabs
Do not insert in ear. (I mean, you really shouldn’t. Right?)

Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush ($4)
This one is my fave and tends to last longer than other toothbrushes.


What are the essentials that you pack? Have I overlooked anything? Comment below!