What's So Great About Pasture Raised Poultry?

Photo by Cliff Alejos

Photo by Cliff Alejos

I got a phone call early on Saturday morning and Evan’s voice was less upbeat than in our previous conversations. I don’t know if it was my intuition or just hoping for a positive response, but I asked, “Are you calling me with a chicken emergency?” “Well,” he said, “I am.”

There had been a predator attack during the night and something had gotten to the chickens. It happens. In farming, you always have to think worst case scenario. The guys thought they had secured their brood well enough, but they lost about ten of their pre-teen birds to an animal of some kind. The rest of the chickens were a little shaken up and peeping loudly. We talked about cancelling the live show, and then I asked them to consider sharing this moment as an authentic way to talk about what can happen when you are trying your hardest to do something you love.


The Pasture Brothers are Evan, Norman, and Ray. They didn’t have any experience in farming prior to this effort but have spent a lot of time researching and a lot of time searching for land. They settled on a five acre horse pasture in Apopka, Florida that they’ve been leasing to use as space for their small batch chickens.

How does it all work? ☀️🌱🐓

Peeps arrive in boxes and they’re kept in a brooder for two or three weeks until they are placed out on the grass which they really love a lot. This breed of meat birds are called Freedom Rangers from a hatchery in Pennsylvania. This type of birds are slower growing but really active and love foraging for bugs and grubs and pasture grass. They’re placed in the mobile chicken tractor which provides security and shade from direct sun. It has an open floor where the birds can forage and graze. Yep! They graze! Chickens are omnivores and eat grass too. This is really pasture to plate farming where you know exactly where your food comes from and how it’s taken care of.

Nowadays their mobile coop is like Fort Knox. Protecting their chicken fam is top priority and they’ve got a new system for keeping the lil guys safe. You can see the new tractor design on their Instagram.

Want to order a Pasture Brothers chicken?

If you’re feeling peckish (pun intended) you can purchase a bird from their website in differing sizes based on number of servings. They have on-farm pick-up and also can deliver the chicken direct to your door. 🚗🌾🏡

You can also give them a follow on Instagram to see how the birds are growing. I’m trying to convince them to do a chicken coop cam. Maybe y’all can send them a note to say you want to watch the birds while at work or in line at the DMV.


Photos by Cliff Alejos