What is Townie Tourist?

Townie Tourist explores Florida history, culture, cuisine, and craft. 

Do you cover events?

We do! We cover events that have a community or educational focus. For example, Otronicon, MegaCon, Indie Folk Fest, Grandma Party Bazaar, and Lake Eola Farmers' Market to name a few.

Do you need help?

The team is always excited when we receive submissions and pitches from talented writers, photographers, and videographers. Feel free to show us your best stuff !

How do you take your coffee?

Jenny is currently a super-fan of Lineage oat milk lattes. Have you tried oat milk yet? It's fantastic for when you want to curl up with a good book and get hygge


Who is the Townie Tourist?

Jenny De Witt is the Townie Tourist. She is an Orlando native who is now exploring her hometown like a tourist, and sharing her adventures with others.

Where don't you tour?

We don't tour theme parks or explore theme park culture. Did you know: Disney is in Lake Buena Vista, not in Orlando. We also do not tour restricted countries on the State Department advisory list. #safetyfirst

do you have sponsors?

We do and we are so lucky to know like-minded people who want to build and share our community. Our partners and sponsors are so important to us.

We remove the fear of wandering through new places which is much like embracing new styles and cultures. We currently have two sponsorship packages available: Local and Adventurer.