Townie talks podcast

Hello and welcome to Townie Talks, a podcast for and about Orlandoans. Each episode we ask questions so you can get to know the people who make, lead, design, and serve our community.

How much do we all have in common? Let's find out!


Hellcats inc.

episode 1

Clark Orr and Brittany Reagan are creative entrepreneurs who took their partnership to a new level. They created Hellcats Inc and combined their ideas and tastes into a product line of patches, pins, posters, ephemera, and candles.

edgar comellas

episode 2

Owner of Aces Wild Casino Parties, Comellas puts the fun in fundraising. An entrepreneur and educator, Edgar uses the flexibility of his schedule to share a passion for conservation. The theme we picked up? Adventure!

ryan rivas

episode 3

Ryan Rivas is Publisher of Burrow Press and his passion for sharing local authors and building literary community in Orlando is unparalleled. His new podcast, Out of Print, is on Studio17TV. We talk about some weird stuff.


Kelda senior

episode 4

The host of Mondayvation Talks on Studio17TV, Kelda Senior is a woman like no other. She is a strategic communicator, public information officer, lover of community, and passionate about getting to the point. In this episode we talk about what she would NEVER do again, how she would spend all her free time if she never slept, and the scent that defines her childhood.  


episode 5

A person who knows the power of putting on a stylish event, Dana Marie Roquemore has a great eye for design and a heart for connecting people. The founder of The Dinner Party Project, she brings Orlandoans and visitors together over something we can all agree on, delicious food. We talk about her full name, her love of ice cream and what happens when you have RBF. 

Erin Sullivan

episode 6

This woman is one with a heart for dogs, and a life full of community connection. She's the PR pro behind the Orange County Public Library System. She has been in and of Orlando for years and is one of the most fun goat yoga partners I've ever had. We talk dog training, losing the ones we love, the perfect room, and the power of being a good listener.





Brendan O'Connor is a unique creature. A world-traveler, community leader, and networking mofo, he easily wins the hearts of those he comes in contact with. If Orlando has a spirit animal, it would be Brendan. We talk about how he met the man who changed his life, a baby crow named Poe, and all things Canadian.  




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