Episode 21 - Brendan O'Connor

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Brendan O’Connor might as well be called Mr. Orlando. This guy is my bestie and a true champion for our town. As Editor-in-Chief of Bungalower, he strives to connect people with causes and shares his passion for art and nature with a kind heart and a generous spirit. Listen in to the tale of his Canadian childhood and a couple of times when we get pretty honest with each other.

Episode 20 - Avery Smith


Avery Smith is smart and talented and full of easy-going natural humor. In this episode we talk about the computer stuff he does, the things we don’t drink, and how important nature is to us. Listen in to this episode to zen out a little. Or maybe get fired up. Who knows? 

Episode 19 - Diana Griffith


Diana Griffith is a powerhouse voice for women in Orlando.  Her interviews on her own podcast, Orlando Lady Boss, are some of the best I’ve listened to.  She’s caring and funny and loves this city and you can tell just how much as we chat about life, love, loss, and finding a path to what moves you. 

Episode 17 - Jill Rhodus


Jill Rhodus is the jam.  She also makes jam.  Smiling Goat Jam.  Probably the best jam I’ve ever had.  If you don’t know Smiling Goat Jams, look her up.  She’s started making shrubs and they’re my favorite sober-time drink.  Jill is a native, like me, and we get to know each other better and swap stories of growing up Floridian in this episode of Townie Talks. 

Episode 16 - Rick Kilby


Rick Kilby knows A LOT of Florida history and Orlando history in particular.  He's Old Florida online.  We interrupt the writing of his second book with questions about who he is, what his office would look like, how he finds inspiration, and the best way to procrastinate.

Find Old Florida here. Check out Rick's book here

Episode 15 - Seth Daniels


Seth Daniels is clever, skilled, and genuinely a good dude. His work as Freehand Goods is some of the finest leatherwork around, but he has a nose for more than just leather. The way he describes a scent is like no one I’ve met. In this episode of Townie Talks, we get off topic a little and I find out exactly what aftershave is for. 

Episode 14 - Todd Deery


Todd Deery leads the charge when developing post-graduate gaming talent downtown at UCF’s FIEA - Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy. He loves the smell of fresh-cut grass, would eradicate mosquitos and ban HSN if he were dictator, and would never again turn on a blender while fixing it. In this episode of Townie Talks, meet Todd Deery.

Episode 13 - Naomi Bourassa


Naomi Bourassa is all about care. Health and healing are how she directs her efforts toward one of the largest problems in our Central Florida community, human trafficking. She is generous, patient, kind, and a really good listener. (Something she’s been working on, actually.) Find out more about Naomi in this episode of Townie Talks.

Episode 12 - Chris Carr


Chris Carr is an entrepreneur, artist, and traveler. He and his wife live here in Orlando and his gallery at FAVO is one you shouldn’t miss. He is a puddle reflection photographer, constantly on the lookout for natural reflections in rainwater. We share our doubts, our hopes, why people should travel, and why he needs rain to do what he does. Listen in to learn more about Chris Carr in this episode of Townie Talks.