Episode 21 - Brendan O'Connor

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Brendan O’Connor might as well be called Mr. Orlando. This guy is my bestie and a true champion for our town. As Editor-in-Chief of Bungalower, he strives to connect people with causes and shares his passion for art and nature with a kind heart and a generous spirit. Listen in to the tale of his Canadian childhood and a couple of times when we get pretty honest with each other.

Episode 13 - Naomi Bourassa


Naomi Bourassa is all about care. Health and healing are how she directs her efforts toward one of the largest problems in our Central Florida community, human trafficking. She is generous, patient, kind, and a really good listener. (Something she’s been working on, actually.) Find out more about Naomi in this episode of Townie Talks.

Episode 6 - Erin Sullivan


This woman is one with a heart for dogs, and a life full of community connection. She's the PR pro behind the Orange County Public Library System. She has been in and of Orlando for years and is one of the most fun goat yoga partners I've ever had. We talk dog training, losing the ones we love, the perfect room, and the power of being a good listener.