Episode 11 - Barbara Dulce Lezcano


Barbara Lezcano is a mojo maker with a bushel of energy. She is a powerhouse in our community, connecting people with the love that she brings to the table. Her Sweet Babs Sauces are second to none and an all natural addition to every single meal. Meet Barbara in this episode of Townie Talks.

Episode 10 - Dana Nichols


Dana Nichols is Momlando. As passionate about this city as she is about her family….well, almost. She’s on a mission to bring ease into exploring Orlando for families and to bring moms together in positive refreshing ways. Listen in as we share her personal olympic sport, her favorite pieces of clothing, and her thoughts on technology today.

Episode 9 - Jordan Eichenblatt


Jordan Eichenblatt is one tough cookie. The camera loves this guy and the energy he shares with our city is palpable. He is a positive force for sharing the best of Orlando's vittles on his show, Brunch Bros, with co-host John Rawlins. Listen in as we talk about hitting an all time low, rising back up, and moving and shaking all over this City Beautiful.

Episode 8 - Tiffany Lano


Tiffany Lano is a maker. She has committed to making her own clothes and now is committed to forging a new path in life. While I want to turn her dog Henri into a multi-million-dollar superstar pet, she has other plans. Or does she? Listen in as we talk about changing careers, traveling, toilet-papering houses, and making everyone take driving lessons.

Episode 7 - Kristine Thomas


Kristine Thomas is a tornado of wellness inspiration. Her recipes are simple, healthy, and uber delicious. Give her two minutes to talk about innovation in the world of nutrition and she’ll blow your mind. We talk about being optimists, discovering value in others, and the beauty of VHS movies. Find out about Welli here

Episode 6 - Erin Sullivan


This woman is one with a heart for dogs, and a life full of community connection. She's the PR pro behind the Orange County Public Library System. She has been in and of Orlando for years and is one of the most fun goat yoga partners I've ever had. We talk dog training, losing the ones we love, the perfect room, and the power of being a good listener.

Episode 5 - Dana Marie Roquemore


A person who knows the power of putting on a stylish event, Dana Marie Roquemore has a great eye for design and a heart for connecting people. The founder of The Dinner Party Project, she brings Orlandoans and visitors together over something we can all agree on, delicious food. We talk about her full name, her love of ice cream and what happens when you have RBF. 

Episode 4 - Kelda Senior


The host of Mondayvation Talks on Studio17TV, Kelda Senior is a woman like no other. She is a strategic communicator, public information officer, lover of community, and passionate about getting to the point. In this episode we talk about what she would NEVER do again, how she would spend all her free time if she never slept, and the scent that defines her childhood.  

Episode 3 - Ryan Rivas


Ryan Rivas is Publisher of Burrow Press and his passion for sharing local authors and building literary community in Orlando is unparalleled.

We often run into each other without expecting it and then end up chatting for a long time, about Orlando generally, and specifically about our places in it. This time we met on purpose on a rainy morning at P is for Pie

I'm just going to say that P is for Pie is one of my FAVORITE stops in the morning. Their hand-pies are second to none and the Stumptown coffee is always ready and always perfect. They open at 7:30 and sometimes I'm first in the door. 

What can I say about Ryan Rivas that hasn't been said? Oh so much...but he does a pretty good job of sharing his own stories during this episode. Ladies and gentlemen, listen in to our conversation as we discuss, among other things, canine masturbation and our personal flags. 

I'm also going to admit that this episode was really personal for me. I like my platform being a vehicle for others' messages. This time, I talked about what I stand for. It really made me feel vulnerable, which is good, but also which is very scary. To sum up, in case you don't want to listen for it, I stand for love. 

If you do want to listen, here ya go: