Townie Tourist™️ is a LIVE show.

Townie Tourist™️ is dedicated to sharing the authentic experiences a visitor might have in the City Beautiful. With minimal scripting and planning Jenny visits Orlando's unique neighborhoods, small businesses, venues, and events.   


Welcome to Historic Downtown Orlando

In this episode, Jenny and Brendan get a history lesson from Orlando's downtown genius historian Richard Forbes. Watch as they discover the mysteries behind the brick streets, strange architecture, hidden underground tunnel, and possible haunting. This is the real Orlando. 


The city of Orlando is made up of very unique neighborhood districts. Jenny and Brendan check out East End Market in this episode. From gourmet cookies and craft coffee to handcrafted leather, cold-pressed juices, and more. They eat all the things.

The Secrets of the Downtown Library

Jenny and Jeremy Seghers check out the Downtown Library from attic to basement. Every inch of one of the most iconic buildings downtown is shared by Outreach Coordinator, Mike Donahue and Director of Public Relations, Erin Sullivan. A fave was the Melrose Center. Check it out. (Get it? Check it out? Like a book. LOL)


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