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Natives and newcomer Floridians, we are a lovely people; creating a community like none other.  Watch our state unfold in stories on art, culture, fashion, and history.   You'll get to experience the towns I explore, hear the stories I'm told, and share this wild, wonderful place with me.

Are you ready to see the real Florida?


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I live in a place that people dream about.  Warm, sunny weather combined with a slower pace of life make this the holiday or retirement destination for many Americans.

For those who are new and those who are native, the Townie Tourist blog and podcast offer insight into the lifestyle many of us think ourselves lucky to enjoy.

This site is also a salve for the souls of those who feel trapped.  Who, for one reason or another, haven't yet moved to Portland, or New York, or LA.  It's kind of cool here.  You just have to be a tourist in your own town sometimes.  You'll see.


College Park: A Unique Main Street Neighborhood


Melbourne: Historic Green Gables


Mount Dora: Lil Bit Of LIfe Farm


My new love: Coffee Soda


Lakeland: Publix in the movies


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LIVE Show on Facebook

In 2017 I started a Facebook LIVE video series.  You can catch it every Saturday morning at 10:00 AM EST. 

I also host a weekly show on WUCF/TV, our Central Florida PBS station.  For a quick hit of the arts, galleries, museums, and culture that make our community unique, click here.


Lakeland, Florida

The original swan city, Lakeland is a delightful town with a booming maker economy. Born & Bread Bakery is one to put on your list. 


orlando museum of art

The Orlando Museum of Art, also known as OMA, is home to current show, Enduring Beauty featuring Seminole art and culture.


credo coffee

When you can pay what you like for coffee, and know that what you pay does good for our community, do you pay more? I do! 


cornell fine arts museum

This educational museum on the campus of Rollins College is always free and always full of the best shows. It's small but mighty.



My hometown is

Orlando, Florida


Orlando is so much more than the mouse.  Research, design, simulation, engineering, and computer tech are all at home here.  The arts and creative industries are bringing stories to life, and the cuisine of our region is mouthwateringly good.  Don't you want to stick around and explore it all with me?

Florida is a strange place: hot, beautiful, ugly. I love it here, and how nothing makes sense but still, somehow, there is a rhythm.
— Roxane Gay